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Apple claimed to be very brave to cancel the headset interface users Tucao: you will regret to cancel the apple headset interface claiming to be very brave friends Tucao: you will regret China news network September 13th news according to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that the intelligent mobile phone launched, people often focus on the new functions. But for the iPhone 7, is about how people Apple Corp to cancel the decision "name the headset interface". Apple Corp marketing director Phil Schiller said at the apple conference in San Francisco that the decision to cancel the headset interface is a brave decision. Phil ·, said the cancellation of the headset 3.5mm interface is brave tucao. But on the Internet, it seems that the decision triggered a net war friends. Here are some foreign media on the cancellation of Apple Corp 3.5mm headset interface and promote AirPods headphones comments. Techcrunch: cancel the iPhone headset interface is not a brave act, but a Apple Corp leverage behavior". The Apple Corp has a great influence in the industry, they are using this power to eliminate the bad things and seek benefits for the company. Apple Corp’s move is not a conspiracy theory, but a huge business plan. British Guardian: headphone line is very useful, it can help users to find the phone, the user can take out the phone in the corner of the phone through the headphone line. The Apple Corp did not notice that the obvious problem was puzzling. United States, "Wall Street journal": users understand the original intention of the Apple Corp to make this change. Although distressing, but users will soon adapt. Mashable: do you want the home key of the iPhone phone to vibrate this feature, or can the iPhone phone be applied to different headphones produced around the world? The Apple Corp’s "pet phrase it is good" this week will be officially gone. Addiction Technology (Engadget): if your ears have not been suitable for wearing Apple headphones, then you may easily reject AirPods headphones. But personally, I’ve always been a good ear for Apple headphones, and even if I shake my head like a fool, I don’t get my headphones out of my ears. The Verge: this headset is easy to get rid of. If you are not "miser", the wired headset or wireless headset similar to you. But this wireless headset seems to be a typical Apple Design – simple, can be well integrated into the iPhone experience. Quartz:AirPodss headset is a more successful than the iPhone design, it is the embodiment of minimalism: every ear like smooth stone. AirPods headphones can be very good control of Siri, Apple Corp is a progress since Apple Watch…. Users don’t even have to move. The Intercept: Apple Corp called "brave" is its entrepreneurial spirit, this is the spirit of the company相关的主题文章: