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Apple and DDT to expand cooperation IT business enterprises seize opportunities to retreat BlackBerry U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks in Beijing on the evening of 29 FT news announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone hardware market in a few hours after the BlackBerry, the Apple Corp announced with DDT cooperation program, by the latter for a variety of enterprise application deployment of apple products. Apple is from DDT (Deloitte) to establish a new relationship between enterprises and customers, boost IT growing business, the maker of the iPhone is to seize the BlackBerry from intelligent mobile phone market retreat can create business opportunities. Apple CEO Cook (data plan) apple CEO Tim Cook in an interview said: "for us, the real opportunity is to expand the use of equipment (mobile), making them not only for browsing, e-mail, send messages and calendar, and really understand the way people work." As part of the deal, DDT will create an "unprecedented" business to deploy iPhone and iPad on a variety of occasions, from inventory management to retail stores. The business is mainly concerned about Apple products, DDT is equipped with more than 5000 strategic consultant for this business. In addition, the two companies will also set up a new consulting department EnterpriseNext to help DDT more than 20 industry customers to build a customer service model. DDT Global CEO Pu Renjie (Punit Renjen) to the financial times, said: mobile and digital these two forces, is a fundamental change in business." He said that Apple has changed people’s way of life with iPhone, and now we are trying to do the same thing to do the work". Cook said that despite the 2008 launch of the application store (App Store) since the emergence of a large number of customers for the use of the application, the company has been significantly behind the… Many people live in the digital life at home, but the company has a non digital life". In business terms, DDT is Apple’s fourth largest partner. Previously, Cook had reached an agreement with IBM in 2014, iPhone and iPad for the development of a variety of industry oriented applications. In the past two years, Apple has also strengthened cooperation with network technology provider CISCO and commercial software company SAP. Just a few hours before Apple announced a deal with DDT on Wednesday, blackberry said it would stop selling mobile devices in order to focus on software development. Although BlackBerry has repeatedly tried to deal with iPhone, but the company’s hardware device sales continued to decline for several years. These efforts include turning to touch-screen devices, and reducing the number of the most familiar physical keyboards. "I think their sales have been in a low level for a while," Cook said of the blackberry. We think this is a great opportunity, we are very concerned about.." Pu Renjie said, compared with the long-term cooperation with the SAP equipped with 13 thousand people, DDT is 3相关的主题文章: