Anti Bullying In Schools Must Be.e A Priority!

Reference-and-Education If you have a child who attends elementary, middle, or high school, chances are they have been witness to bullying tactics perpetrated on younger and more vulnerable students. Anti bullying in schools should be.e a key .ponent of the overall School Safety Plan and developed within a .prehensive Education Plan, which allows for monies to be allocated for new programs during the school year. In addition, utilizing programs which outline bullying and how to deal with the problem should be part of teachers workshops, along with the anti bullying in schools campaigns which can incorporate anti bullying posters, anti bullying wristbands, and programs for other staff members so that everyone in the school is knowledgeable about bullying and its underlying signs. Bullying in schools is occurring around this country and overseas. While younger children are usually the victims, it is incumbent upon district, local, and state officials to legislate laws that will finally deal with this behavior on a system wide level to ensure our children can obtain a proper education without fear and intimidation. Bullying isnt just confined to schools; it occurs in workplaces as well. However, those who suffer most from bullying are children. They skip school, cut out early, cannot focus on their school work, and are fearful every time they leave school at the end of the day. Kids who are bullied lose self-esteem, be.e anti social and lethargic, and as we all know from the recent school shootings, can turn to violence. Anti bullying in schools must be.e a priority, not a footnote to a long list of rules and regulations deemed appropriate by school officials. There is a current debate going on as to whether or not bullying should even be a part of any form of legislation. It is felt that the School Safety Plan more than covers this type of behavior. Unfortunately, those who institute the templates for these plans may have never set foot in todays school environment, and may not have the knowledge as to what currently goes on in schools. Those who work in schools every day; custodians, school aides, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors, teachers, administrators, and support staff are more fully aware of what happens in schools on a daily basis. In addition, with Parents Coordinators now part of the school system, they too are more than knowledgeable about the affects bullying has on students. Therefore, anti bullying in schools should be outlined by those who deal with it every day; the caretakers of children; the educators who try to teach and counsel children, and the school-based support team who listen to the problems and advise the children on a daily basis. These are the people who can introduce programs and contribute to legislation that will put an end to this insidious problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: