Anhui enterprises take another path and take root in ASEAN ten countries-kimi wo omou melodi

Anhui enterprise "another way" rooted in ten ASEAN countries – China News Agency Hefei 9 September (Zhang Jun, Hao Jiaqi) "Anhui in the field of publishing and distribution is China’s first overseas development, but also the fastest."." Zhu Handong, President of Anhui literature and Art Publishing House, told China News Agency recently. Reporters recently interviewed Anhui enterprises "going out" situation, look at Anhui enterprises "another way" innovation rooted in ASEAN ten countries. "Piano Book" that can play the piano, "bubble book" that can be seen in the water, breaks through the restrictions of traditional books, and the creative toy books designed by Anhui children’s publishing house are sold abroad. Wang Li, the assistant president of the club, shows a "bubble book" made of waterproof plastic made of "daughter of the sea". Wang Li said that the book waterproof, anti fall, children can read when bathing, has been exported to Syria and other countries, welcomed by foreign children. In the Anhui times roaming company, "Dolphin baby" learning Chinese has become the flagship product of e-books. The company said that in Vietnam, Thailand and other ASEAN countries, with "Dolphin baby" e-book materials, more and more children to learn chinese. In order to spread Chinese culture, the company has established an immersive multimedia Chinese learning base for children in 11 countries and regions in Southeast asia. In addition to traditional books, the carrier of innovation is the key to cultural development. Anhui Publishing Group has launched its own brand ceramic culture and creative products "era porcelain"". "This product integrates Chinese culture elements, and combines with Southeast Asian culture, has a unique mother culture style." The person in charge said that in June this year, in the twenty-third Singapore book fair, the creative products caused great interest in Singapore merchants, samples sold out on the spot. Cultural publishing goes out and cooperation is essential. Anhui Publishing Group Chairman Wang Min said, from the beginning of 2011, Anhui publishing group and Singapore’s largest Chinese book dealer and supply to United Press cooperation, implementation of the books copyright trade journal 123, copyright output 28, content involves the literature and art, health, calligraphy and painting etc.. The "China dream", "academic writers on Chinese culture", "Bao" and "red" and other books Chinese in Singapore by readers. Anhui publishing group takes the "Silk Road book project" as the starting point, has promoted the Silk Road Children Book International Cooperation Alliance, Southeast Asian immersion Chinese learning base and time flow shadow silk road time station and other projects. In fact, more and more Anhui brand become a "label" in the ASEAN market, the site of the forklift mechanical equipment more and more; sunflower seeds often sold out of stock in Thailand supermarket; in Indonesia, Jakarta, the high street between the airport and the old city, "towering conch cement" sign…… After the internationalization strategy was launched in 2011, conch overseas has spread through Indonesia, Burma, Laos, Kampuchea and other countries, and 12 projects completed overseas investment of 4 billion 250 million yuan rmb." Ding Feng, deputy general manager of Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd. said that in the period of rapid economic development, infrastructure construction is the priority of ASEAN countries, which also brings the rapid growth of cement market and broad prospects. Anhui is a big agricultural province

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