Andouble met with the president of the Russian Federation Council for the Russo Japanese summit pave-baxia

Andouble met with the president of the Russian Federation Council for the Russo Japanese summit talks to pave the way – Beijing, Beijing, November 2, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 1, held talks with visiting Russian Federation at the residence of chairman Matvey Janko, for the December 15th Russian President Putin successfully held in Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan Russia summit, the two sides to accelerate bilateral consultations to reach agreement. According to reports, Andouble stressed: "Russia is a country with great potential." Matvey Janko responded that: the two countries in the positive progress of the relationship." It is well known that the relationship with Putin. Matvey Janko said to the media after the talks "(we) will work with Putin’s visit to Japan to exchange views". At the same time, in the talks with Andouble confirmed the importance of the 8 economic cooperation proposed by Andouble and members of the importance of communication. Reported that Matvey Janko in Tokyo held a press conference, the Japanese want to return the disputed islands that Russia cannot surrender sovereignty. The common economic activity in Russia disputed islands in her welcome in Japan at the same time, "said activities must be under Russian sovereignty and law", emphasized that Russia’s actual control of the disputed islands sovereignty will not be handed over to japan. Matvey Janko Idachi Tadachi, President of the Senate, and the Japanese New Komeito party leader Mitsuo Yamaguchi talks respectively. Pass on the Russo Japanese summit said: "looking forward to the development of the relations between the new consensus and agreement, and pass on the four northern islands said," hope (in) to provide support". It is reported that Matvey Janko’s visit to Japan in October 31st to 3 this month, analysts believe that this trip is to pave the way for the meaning of the Russo Japanese summit. During his visit to Japan, she will also house on the island and served as the president of Japan grew up lisen Russian Association vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party Masahiko Komura talks, and plans to visit Nagasaki.相关的主题文章: