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And around the gold rush gold investment there are three major ways! With the most all gold concept stock – Sohu securities, in fact, in addition to buying gold objects, investors have many ways to invest in the concept of gold.   this year’s lunar new year, A shares off the city, the global stock market has experienced a slump. Among the many investment targets, a thriving gold had long faded dejected posture for nearly four years, began to bloom with dazzling brilliance. Since January 29th, the spot gold price has risen steadily, and the stock price has risen by 9. In February 11th, the gold price was up to $1263.36 an ounce, closing up 4.11% to $1246.2 troy ounce, the biggest one-day gain since the financial crisis in 2008. The gold spot price has risen by 16.6% since 2016. On holidays, Chinese people who have always loved gold have increased their desire to buy gold jewelry during the spring festival. According to the voice of the economy "world finance and economics" reported that during the Spring Festival, Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other places ushered in a wave of "gold rush", the physical gold selling enthusiasm. In February 12th gold spot closing price of $1237.27 ounce, equivalent to RMB 261 yuan grams. According to the data show that the gold network (below), more than the price of domestic brands of gold products in 300 yuan gram down range, and the price is more than before the Spring Festival has gone up, but still not consumers buy gold enthusiasm. Gold wallet chief researcher Xiao Lei pointed out that the international gold price soared 10% in less than two weeks, the last time the market appeared, 8 years ago, the history is rare. Xiao Lei analysis said that the reason for the sharp rise in gold prices, mainly because the capacity of the gold market and the global stock market, foreign exchange, bonds and other markets compared to a small pity. The stock market and the crude oil market are gloomy, and the funds are flowing into the gold market in a short period of time, resulting in an astonishing price increase. Many experts have suggested that "gold is king" investment strategy, that in the short term, the market risk aversion will not dissipate, while gold prices are still at a historical low, so investors may wish to consider buying gold. Overseas analysts seem to have Great minds think alike., according to Bloomberg survey released in February 12th showed that the analysts and gold traders participated in the survey, up to 76% people on Monday gold price rise, this is already the sixth consecutive week bullish gold survey. Overseas markets swept away, as of February 12th, the world’s gold ETF 15 consecutive trading day inflows, is the longest since 2012 September, a continuous inflow. In fact, in addition to the purchase of gold objects, investors have many ways to invest in gold concept: 1, A shares of gold stocks upstream enterprises, the main gold exploration and development. Include: the gold (600489), (600531), Shandong gold Yuguang Gold & lead (600547), Tianye shares (600807), western gold (601069), Zijin Mining (601899), Hobbs shares (002237. 各地又现抢金潮 投资黄金还有三大途径!附最全黄金概念股-搜狐证券   事实上,除了购买黄金实物,投资者还有很多投资黄金概念的方法。    这个农历春节,A股休市全球股市却经历暴跌。众多投资标的之中,黄金一枝独秀褪去此前长达近四年的颓靡态势,开始重新绽放耀眼光辉。   自1月29日开始,现货黄金价格节节攀升,连涨9个交 相关公司股票走势 易日。2月11日,金价最高上探至1263.36美元 盎司,收盘仍升4.11%,收于1246.2美元 盎司,创下2008年金融危机以来最大单日涨幅。而2016年迄今为止,黄金现货价格的累计涨幅已经达到16.6%。   逢年过节一向钟爱黄金的中国人,对金饰的购买欲在这个春节也有增无减。据经济之声《天下财经》报道,春节期间,北京、长三角、珠三角等地迎来了一波“抢金潮”,实物黄金销情火爆。   以2月12日黄金现货收盘价1237.27美元 盎司计算,折合为人民币约为261元 克。而据黄金网资料显示(如下图),国内多个品牌的黄金制品价格在300元 克上下不等,且价格较春节前多有上涨,但仍然难抵消费者买黄金的热情。   黄金钱包首席研究员肖磊指出,国际黄金价格在不到两周之内暴涨10%,上一次出现这种行情还是在8年前,历史上看比较罕见。   肖磊分析称,金价猛增的原因,主要因为黄金市场的容量与全球股市、外汇、债券等市场比起来小得可怜。时下股票和原油市场惨淡,资金短时间内大量流入黄金市场中,引起价格涨幅惊人。   不少专家纷纷建议“黄金为王”的投资策略,认为短期内,市场的避险情绪不会消散,而黄金价格又仍处于历史低谷,因此投资者不妨考虑买入黄金。   海外分析师们似乎也英雄所见略同,据彭博社2月12日公布的调查结果显示,在参与调查的分析师和黄金交易员中,有高达76%的人对下周金价走势看涨,这已经是该调查连续第六个星期看涨金价。海外市场一扫沉寂,截至2月12日,全球黄金ETF连续15个交易日流入,是2012年9月份以来最久的一次持续流入。   事实上,除了购买黄金实物,投资者还有很多投资黄金概念的方法:   1、A股黄金概念股   上游企业,主营金矿勘探及开发。包括:中金黄金(600489)、豫光金铅(600531)、山东黄金(600547)、天业股份(600807)、西部黄金(601069)、紫金矿业(601899)、恒邦股份(002237)、金贵银业(002716)、湖南黄金(002155)。   下游企业,主营黄金制品销售。包括:老凤祥(600612)、豫园商城(600655)、明牌珠宝(002574)。   香港市场同样有不少黄金概念股,包括周生生(00116.HK)、谢瑞麟(00417.HK)、六福集团(00590.HK)、周大福(01929.HK)、招金矿业(01818.HK)、紫金矿业(02899.HK)、中国黄金国际(02099.HK)。相关的主题文章: