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American Movie Week weakness to return to rational cooperation – Sohu Huayi entertainment President Wang Zhonglei said the capital output of Hollywood and independent cultural invasion. Click to enter [HD Photo]   the first week of November each year the Sohu entertainment news has become Losangeles’s "American Movie Week", a series of Sino US cooperation forum, film festivals have been held, a large number of China Film Corporation owner, producer, director and actor will come to Losangeles, to promote their own projects in the forum, see more partners receptions. However, this type of activity is more and more, the names are almost the same, please people, the form is more similar, some water is also growing. In the "Sino US film Exchange Week" into the sixth year, the show was a "tired state". The most obvious feature is that the Hollywood has been a large company has basically quit, no longer send high-level to China’s celebrities are less and less. First, the formation of a variety of Sino US exchange activities in the first week of November in the first week of is mainly because this is the opening of the American film market exhibition. Six years ago, before the emergence of any Sino US film activities, it is only the Chinese representative to take his new work to find buyers at this exhibition. But in recent years, the rapid development of China’s film market, China has become the world’s second generation of the film market, and is expected to soon surpass the United states. Therefore, more and more Chinese Chinese gold master came to Losangeles in November the trend of the emergence of a Sino US hold many different organizations and activities, including forums, awards, screenings, conferences, private parties etc.. With the students of course also some business opportunities, activities, public relations, and even with a special team to pull China these activities "". These activities include: 1, Eagle media sponsored by the American Film Festival (Chinese American Film Festival) 2, Asian Association held the "Sino US forum" (US-China Film Summit) 3, the American Film Institute (MPAA) and host Chinese SARFT "Sino US co production exhibition" (China International Co-production screenings 4), two years ago and joined the "China Film fair" (U.S. China Film & TV Industry Expo), and without a major sponsor, only individual was established, and in this year to "Hollywood reporter" as a co organizer. 5, the United States independent film and Television Alliance organized by the American film market (AFM) has a history of 35 years, in recent years has opened up a forum for the Chinese market. Each activity by virtue of their connections to pull the important people attend to attract media attention and buy a ticket, and all these activities are held within a week, even some time is coincidence, forming a "competitive relationship". And the media have相关的主题文章: