Amazon or will be located in Western Sydney ground project has not yet been carried out-drop dead diva

Amazon or will be located in Sydney western surface engineering has not yet been source: global network [global technology reporter Cheng Junqiu] according to the Australian "Times newspaper" reported on September 28th, the online retail giant Amazon (Amazon) is looking for the first logistics center in Australia, and Goodman group (Goodman Group) is located in the western Sydney Aoke DELL (Oakdale) a $50 million worth of industrial land is likely to become the first choice of the amazon. According to reports, Amazon has two traditional data centers in Australia, and in the west of Sydney also has the Amazon Network Service Center (Amazon Web Service). Real estate agents said Ake Dale in terms of location, size and transportation for the Amazon is very ideal. The report pointed out that Goodman in the land is divided into two parts of the DELL oak industrial center, are rented, South has enough space for the Amazon, can be built "center", also can build highly automated logistics center to handle customer orders, covers an area of over 80 thousand square meters. However, the ground project has not yet been carried out. But Jia Min group said that as long as the Amazon is determined, the company has the ability and technology to start immediately.相关的主题文章: