Alpari Ai Furui prices close to the daily trend line thinkpad s230u

Alpari Ai Furui: the price is close to the trend of the day Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Summary: on a trading day Thursday generally strengthened under the background of US dollar, the euro dollar fell. Euro continues to rise in Asian session. In the evening the pound fell 4.8% against the dollar to $1.1995. Fall to 600 points. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the French President Hollande said that Britain must bear the consequences of europe. He called for tough negotiations with Britain to avoid contagion in the eu. In addition, the news from Italy also has a negative impact on the euro. Italy’s prime minister Ferenczi for political system reform on the country’s initiated referendum, aimed at ending Italy’s political instability situation. Ferenczi commitment, if the referendum failed will take the initiative to quit. Italy’s opposition says the euro is hurting Italy’s economy. If Italy decides to return to Europe, the euro could be flat against the dollar. Today the market forecast: today the U.S. payrolls data will be a highlight. At this point I can’t predict the trend of the euro. That can look at the daily chart. Today’s news: " 09:00 EET, the German industrial output in August. " 10:00 EET, Switzerland September central bank foreign exchange reserves. " 10:30 EET, UK September Halifax house price index. " 11:30 EET, UK August industrial productivity, manufacturing productivity, trade account. " 15:30 EET, employment change in Canada in September, unemployment rate; the average hourly wage in the United States in September, the change of non-agricultural employment, unemployment rate. " 17:00 EET, Canada September Ivey purchasing managers’ index, US wholesale inventories in August. " 17:30 EET, the Bank of Canada Business Outlook Survey, fed vice chairman Fisher speech. " 19:45 EET, fed Mester speech. " 22:00 EET, Fed chairman George delivered a speech, the United States in August consumer credit. " 23:00 EET, fed Brenne de speech. Technical analysis: intraday forecast: the lowest – n a, the highest – n a, closing price – N a. Euro hour chart. Data source: TradingView I suggest to pay more attention to the daily chart, rather than hours. From October 4th Pinbar, I think the triangle shape will be over 1.1366 after the end of the price. Of course, there is also a close connection between the euro and the euro. Non farm dollars before the euro should not appear to fall, but the external environment and the collapse of the pound will undermine相关的主题文章: