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Alipay to release "red TV" to promote skmax television advertising upgrade – Sohu technology July, Alipay join the domestic leader in the field of interactive TV held "Internet plus Tianmai TV ads — TV big data products conference in Beijing, and a number of TV and advertisers together, issued a" red TV interactive products". Based on the data capacity and technical interface on the ant payment service open platform, TV media and the third party service platform, the main brand advertising, the company will achieve the television program content and brand advertising information T2O (TV to Online) communication. Red TV both allow consumers to get a red envelope with zero cost benefits, for the TV to attract more viewers, but also can help advertisers and their audiences through the Alipay platform to interact, precipitation fans, more intuitive monitoring on the effect, even to promote sales. In the Internet era, innovation often comes from the edge of the cross-border Alipay small flapping wings and can bring about changes to the traditional TV media ecology? Internet plus TV ads, the power of traditional TV media ecological upgrade in a few years ago, the Internet advertising and television advertising comparison has been a contentious issue. Other media TV ads have the Internet, it is difficult to replace the advantages, such as high degree of authority, large coverage, wide audience, form and content is easy to understand, but in the mobile Internet era, is also an urgent need to break the bottleneck, such as difficult to assess the effectiveness, accuracy, low data limitations and the interaction effect is poor. The payment service vice president Yuan Leiming said, "Internet plus Tianmai and Alipay TV ads" cooperation, is aimed at the lack of interactive television advertising, the lack of assessment accuracy and the effect of the problem. According to reports, based on the cooperation between the two sides, from November 18th to December 18th, the user after 7:30 every night in Chongqing TV, Guangdong TV, Guangxi TV, Hebei TV, Heilongjiang TV, Jiangxi TV, Liaoning TV, Shandong TV, Shaanxi TV, Shenzhen TV 10 David view of advertising, can participate grab envelopes through Alipay App the "red TV" function. Red envelopes randomly distributed by Alipay systems, new users can receive a maximum of 4999 yuan, the old users the maximum amount of 999 yuan. The red pages also bear the brand and the audience interactive function. In the red envelope results page, advertisers can continue to interact with the audience through the poster, brand advertising, complete version of the video games and other forms, can even lead to complete the purchase of users directly, or through life, circles and other precipitation is a fan of the brand. The ability of data based on Alipay, the interaction and precipitation can also help the brand more fans understand its audience’s characters, such as geographical distribution, consumption preference and consumption ability, time and so on. In the past, advertisers who want to know the brand to see its advertising, can only rely on some local research data, far from accurate. Yimin partner — the Alipay TV red founded in 1999, relying on independent research and development of video cloud computing, data mining, mobile Internet applications and other core technologies in the field of broadcasting the first touch"相关的主题文章: