AH ENTERTAINMENT pushing the trump card across dimensions will shoot the movie censor-97179

AH ENTERTAINMENT pushing the "trump card" will cross dimensional censor took great movie Tencent entertainment news recently animation industry summit, as the most famous company — ah entertainment founder, CEO Zou Vujacic was invited to attend the industry. When talking about the heady moment of "two dimension economy", Zou Vujacic said ah entertainment to further promote the "cross dimension" in development, open up all aspects of the IP industry chain at the same time, determined to do a "cross dimensional integrated operation ability of content producers. The rise of the night before the rise of the pan entertainment practitioners in 2015 China’s Pan two dimensional users reached 219 million, of which more than 90 after 90, they spend an average of over $1700 per year in the periphery of the two dimensional culture. There are forecasts that China’s core two dimensional users reached 80 million, the pan will be more than two dimensional users will be more than 230 million. Rather than the two dimension further across dimensions also heady. Next door a W- two world hole open, staged across the dimension to love you, which also allows domestic film and television, the game market have to test the water. Two billion users of the huge blue ocean has not yet been fully cultivated, the era has come across the dimension. In the "two dimension economy" is more mainstream attention now, ah is entertainment thought further development, vigorously promote the "cross dimension", and it must actively seek suitable partners "open, create, so it has the cooperation. These cooperation did not follow existing "routine", but its way, let the two dimension upgrade across dimensions. Want to play "cross dimension" to create open according to Zou Shasha introduced in the network animation market in the early stage of development, ah entertainment won the pan entertainment business development of domestic animation IP "ace" censor authorization, this opportunity will be in the big investment, big production, the gold medal team building, the "trump card" censor the first modern campus to China fantasy theme and diffuse change reality network movie new show starring Zheng Yecheng, has now been confirmed. At the same time, network drama, cinema movie, Mobile Games name will also be launched. In addition to the "trump card" censor, ah entertainment in two original IP – strong "soccer hero" and "mother" gun force. Among them, the "soccer hero" by AHA entertainment and CCTV cooperation platform, each will cover the reality television drama, animation, games and other vertical areas, and will make full use of the fans economy brought dividends, build the three-dimensional IP. The concern of the "mother" it is for the gun shooting game users derived from the animation project, its style to the mother of other popular firearms, with comic and animation game implant, three forms of building. The whole industry chain linkage to the content of the current market situation is also bringing a signal: the lack of content consumer goods, especially fine, fine products. In fact, this is also one of the important development of Kazakhstan entertainment layout – the content of the fine build. When the only IP theory prevailed, for each IP combined with market audience and the existing data, respectively, to match the various categories of industrial chain analysis, comprehensive selection. No matter which project development, ah entertainment are the core content, cultivating creative. From AHA Entertainment’s overall strategy, we can.相关的主题文章: