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Aging transformation   start at that time (holiday observation) – Society – Figure 1: connecting the living room, bedroom, bathroom corridor handrails. Figure 2: induction mattress, can monitor breathing, heart rate. Figure 3: toilet call. Figure 4: electric wheelchair, convenient for the elderly to act on their own. Newspaper reporter Liu Nian photo editor tomorrow festival. There is an old home, such as a treasure. But the old man on the inevitable action inconvenience, many families have to put the old man when the treasure as carefully as. Some families, the elderly from a bed, a bath, children often have to sweat, not to mention the elderly to help themselves, go out on the streets. Whether through the transformation of the family environment, facilities and equipment, to enhance the safety and convenience of the elderly living at home? Aging transformation, thus entering people’s vision. An activity   help; monitoring signs in Beijing city of Fengtai District mattress Hongye Hing Park District on the north side, there is a new three storey building. Walked into the lobby, interior like apartments, elegant and warm. This is put into operation in March this year the watch hall collection pension services (Beijing) Co. Ltd. Fengtai community old-age care center. In addition to providing day care, home stay, door-to-door service, the center also launched a home fitness aging transformation services, as a business highlights. Follow the center staff, the reporter visited a suitable aging transformation case — in Hongye Hing Park Wang Shuqin elderly. Door, 98 year old Wang grandma was lying on the sofa in the living room to rest, the son of Xiusheng guest high seat, started in brief. "The old lady just 99 years old, come from the bound feet in the aisle, very difficult. The owner of the house is my sister, age is not small, but also because of cerebral infarction fall disability, activity is also very difficult. They usually have to take care of me." Mr. Gao said. Subject to physical function, the mother and daughter almost do not go out. Two people at home to take care of the family, together with the old man in the high pressure on the shoulder. Fortunately, the transformation, to solve some problems. You can be too hard, even can’t help to a strong." Mr. Gao said. Grandma Wang home after the transformation, what changes? In the living room, the table near a convex corner, cushioned black strip is up. "This place is very easy to knock up, relieved." Mr. Gao said. Followed by the living room, bedroom, bathroom corridor. Two rows of about 4 meters long white handrails, parallel to the wall. "Hold on to it, and the old lady won’t have to walk with her." Mr. Gao said. Next is the bathroom. The toilet on the right side wall there are handrails, help the old man up; the left hand side of the washing machine is equipped with a pager, press a button, you can call the outhouse ring. "This is a wheelchair type bath stool, a fence around, lest fall down. It’s easy to move." Mr. Gao pointed to the bath stool finished, will sink faucet?, "tap into a scalable, want to how to use." Elder sister相关的主题文章: