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" after eating a treasure, all kinds of natural " pregnant women can eat chestnut? – Sohu old people often say "mother after eating a treasure, all kinds of natural good", that this treasure is what? Why so magical? The answer is — chestnuts! It is understood that many of the longevity of the elderly have chestnut. Doctors, health and health care effect of chestnuts as many as 10 kinds of, have a look! The following is for everyone "for example" ~! 1 chronic enteritis often eat chestnut chronic diarrhea bowel disease may wish to eat chestnuts. The sterilization medicine although can relieve symptoms, but to kill harmful bacteria and bacteria will die, so that gastrointestinal reduced immunity, once the withdrawal, easy to relapse. Chinese medicine believes that the taste of chestnut is mild, into the spleen, stomach, kidney, stomach spleen, kidney gluten, blood hemostasis, nausea, diarrhea, weakness and cure disease. The Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen was introduced: "there are people with cold, violent leaks such as injection, make fresh chestnut simmer twenty or thirty pieces, the meal." Recommend diarrhea drink porridge: chestnut chestnut porridge has jianpizhixie role, if collocation yam, jujube is better. It is to take the chestnuts (fresh) 30 grams, 50 grams of rice, yam (dry) 20 grams, jujube (dry) 10 grams, 2 slices ginger, into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, simmer to boil congee, seasoning. 2 people eat chestnuts legs good old before old legs, legs to prevent the old, in addition to exercise, but also nothing to chew chestnuts. Small neighbor an old man in the home of a lot of chestnuts, he has nothing to eat, he 83 years old, whether climbing stairs or walking legs are very agile. This is because chestnuts are rich in nutritional value. Chinese medicine believes that the chestnut Jianpi liver, bone health effects on kidney deficiency, the effect is also very good, especially the elderly kidney, loose stools diarrhea is more appropriate. When eating chestnuts and exquisite, the chestnut on the mouth, then slowly chew chewing pulp Zi, until you swallow, so as to effectively solve the low back pain. 3 chestnut + chicken can be nourishing from the Chinese point of view, has a tonic, spleen, and stomach of chestnut and chicken, two collocation can complement each other. The illness of the patient, the birth of a child, the women’s body and weak people can eat some stewed chicken with chestnuts, can play a big role. Moreover, the autumn is the focus of health kidney, chestnut is known as the fruit of the kidney, with kidney strong waist, blood circulation function, it is suitable for autumn to eat. 4 curing prostatic small chestnut chew, looks like an upside down chestnut shape similarity. Elderly men with prostate problems are very common, often polyuria, weakness in loin and knees, the kidney gradually decline performance. In fact, in the early stages of prostate problems, you can chew raw chestnuts, is a simple method of treatment. Chestnut warm, sweet taste, cooked spleen, raw food, kidney, kidney, kidney deficiency, the most appropriate to eat. The function and location of the prostate is also part of the liver and kidney system of traditional Chinese medicine. Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, said the chestnut as the fruit of the kidney, the kidney should eat". Li Shizhen also recorded in the Ming Dynasty: "kidney deficiency and weakness of the waist.相关的主题文章: