Advanced Sms

.munications You may be aware of the fact that different .panies are sending SMS to you (if own a cellular phone) to promote their products and reveal their features. Even you must be aware of the fact that like you many users are getting the SMS at same time from the same source. You may be astonished after seeing all this. May be you thinking that how is it possible to receive two same SMS by two users from a single source! Nothing to astonish about that! Basically these are the magic of a new technological concept called Bulk SMS’. By using the features of Bulk SMS’ any organization or individual enable to send or receive huge number of SMS at a particular time. The most .mon use of Bulk SMS’ can be seen in the field of SMS Marketing’. .panies usually send Bulk SMS’ to a large mass of public to campaign their products. In this article we will discuss about the technological aspects of the Bulk SMS in short along with some of its advantages. First of all the Bulk SMS’ servers do have a huge database in which the cellular information of the recipients (In case of .panies their customers or the subscribers) is stored. The sender must have a Personal .puter with an Internet Connection. The sender can type the body of the SMS and after sender’s approval, SMS started to flow towards recipients’ mobile phones. It will take so little amount of time to send the SMS to all the recipients. But one important thing needs to be focused. Since the mobile phones are not capable to receive the text message of more that 160-characters (excluding the LMS or Long Message Service), the body of the SMS should consist of 160 characters at most. Now if the recipient wants to reply the SMS then he has to use the SMSC or the Short Message Service Center of his own service provider. Now in these improved days of technology a Short Message Service Center MULTIGATEWAY is placed between the origin (that’s the Bulk SMS sender’s .puter) and the Short Message Service Gateway. The function of this SMSC MULTIGATEWAY is to make the transmission of the SMS faster. The servers in this system are generally connected through HTTP or UCP .mands. This was a small technical overview. Basically the technology is quite .plicated and is very much tough to understand for non-technology related people. This Bulk SMS’ system does have some advantages. First of all this concept of sending Bulk SMS’ seems to be cheap in the sender’s point of view. So in these days, Bulk SMS a good way to campaign in low cost. Secondly, the rapid nature of the SMS flows in this concept. One can send a single SMS to multiple users in very little amount of time. The SMSC used in this concept differs from the normal mobile network SMSC, which makes the SMS flow faster. These bulk sms , SMS Messaging to friends are a favourite time pass to youth. Due to its mass acceptance and advantageous nature it seems the Bulk SMS’ system is here to stay. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: