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A woman in Nantong aogao online sale without approval was seized the autumn season, various tonic paste hot start. Some micro dealers who have made the paste technology also call out in the circle of friends. Not long ago, Nantong City Chongchuan District market supervision and administration received reports from the public, in the city of white homes in a residential home, heard bursts of herbs, they suspect that there are people engaged in unlicensed decocting Chinese herbal medicine. After receiving the report, Chongchuan District market supervision staff immediately rushed to the scene. In the home of a white home residents found that a middle-aged woman is making paste recipe. In this woman’s home, it is divided into two areas. One side is the place where the paste is made, and the other side is the finished shelf area. According to the parties, by using this formula with Sydney cream Chuanbei Chuanbei, sugar, pear, loquat leaf, these raw materials are returned from the wholesale market of farm. Boil complete autumn Li Gao are online sales price of 68 yuan per bottle. Autumn Li Gao packaging marked cold heart and lungs, Qingfeizhike etc.. It is understood that the woman is to start sales in May this year, Li Gao qiu. At the time of the incident, the parties without the approval of the production and sale of Li Gao Qiu total of 71 bottles, the value of the amount of 4964 yuan, a 4828 yuan of illegal income. Today, a variety of micro business together appear, online sales of goods is multifarious. The residents should pay attention to choosing the regular products when they buy the paste. Expert: buy paste online, the first to see whether the shop has a business license or drug business license, health care products should also have food business license, license to complete; second, received goods packaging is consistent with the online propaganda? Are there exaggerated or false elements? Third, keep the purchase receipt in order to make a complaint as soon as possible. Extended video: unrelated to the original, online sales of drugs to be qualified, four kinds of circumstances can not sell

南通一女子在家熬膏网上售卖 未经批准被查扣 秋冬季节,各种进补膏方开始热卖。一些具有熬制膏方手艺的微商,也在朋友圈吆喝开来。前不久,南通市崇川区市场监督管理接到市民举报称,在市区白家园一户居民家中,传来阵阵中药味,他们怀疑这里有人正无证从事中药饮片的熬制。接到举报后,崇川区市场监管的工作人员立刻赶往现场。在白家园一户居民家中发现,一名中年女子正在熬制膏方。在这名女子家中,共分为两个区域。一边是熬制膏方的地方,另一边则为成品货架区。据当事人称,这款川贝雪梨膏所用的配方有川贝、冰糖、梨、枇杷叶等,这些原料都是从农贸市场批发回来的。熬制完成的秋梨膏均在网上销售,每瓶售价68元。秋梨膏外包装上标有润肺凉心、清肺止咳等功效。据了解,该女子是今年5月开始销售秋梨膏。截至案发时,当事人未经批准生产、销售秋梨膏共计71瓶,货值金额为4964元,获违法所得4828元。如今,各种微商扎堆出现,在网上销售的商品更是五花八门。市民在购买熬制的膏方时,尤其要注意,尽量选择正规产品购买。专家介绍:网上购买膏方,第一要看网店是否具有营业执照或者药品经营许可证,保健品也要有食品经营许可证,证照要齐全;第二,收到的货物包装是否与网上宣传的一致?是否有夸大虚假的成分?第三,保留好购买收据以便发生问题及时像我们投诉。扩展视频:与原文无关 网上卖药要资质 四种情况不能卖相关的主题文章: