A ship capsized in the waters of Fujian, 7 people were killed in Anhui crew members – China Network-lightscape

Fujian sea vessel capsized killing 7 people including the Anhui crew – Beijing, according to an online news star market news reporter from Fujian Fuding official informed that due to the vessel capsized drowning and lost 7 crew members were all killed, the bodies of the victims have been sent to the funeral home. According to the official had informed that 18:40 on September 29th, moored in Fuding City Shacheng harbour lotus island waters "Zhejiang Yonggong Jun 905" ships, "Guangdong Dongguan No. 0989 cargo ship collision caused by the" iron boat capsized, drowning 8 people, including 1 crew members (Zhu Yihu, leg injury) were rescued, the remaining 7 people lost contact. After the incident, Fuding city and township departments and rescue, at 7:50 on September 30th, 14, in the cabin salvaged 2 bodies of the victims (Li Biao and Lin, respectively, from Anhui, Zhejiang Province, workers); in October 1st 10, once again recovered 2 bodies of the victims (Zhu Hanming, Chen Xinfu, was born in Zhejiang, workers). According to the official announcement of the list, the remaining 3 were lost to Wang Xiaorong (male, Zhejiang Ningbo, Yinzhou District, the owner), Wang Yongfu (male, Zhejiang Ningbo Jiangbei District, workers), Shao Jiangen (male, Zhejiang Shangyu people, workers). Reporter 5, learned from the local authorities, with the search and rescue personnel around October 4th when the salvage of the victims in the waters of the incident, the remains of the victims of the shipwreck, the remains of 7 missing persons have been found in all of the seventh people in the area of the incident, the police have found the remains of the victims were found in the waters of the incident. Currently, the remains of the victims have been sent to the funeral home.相关的主题文章: