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A new wave of "changed rumors" saw "Jing Bao to" hit a question mark – Beijing, "where the market has no roots of language, called the rumor." "Modern Chinese dictionary," said the rumor is no factual basis for the news. The spread of network information "supersonic", so that rumors seem to have wings. As a famous saying said: "when the truth is still wearing shoes, rumor has traveled the world." At present, deepen the reform of national defense and the army is orderly, online topic related to military concern, on the one hand reflects the users of the reform of the army’s high attention and enthusiasm look forward to, on the other hand, there are some fake "military experts" Bo eye, frequently spread false information transfer reform, murmur, rumors. In this regard, the officers and men must keep their eyes open, enhanced vigilance discrimination, a new wave of military reform rumors confuse the public. More than a question mark, do Internet rumors "setter". Currently, micro-blog, WeChat and other media from the network as the main platform for the dissemination and dissemination of information. If you do not identify, with a forward, may let oneself become Internet rumors "setter". Some time ago, WeChat thermal circle of friends a "false military reform program, said the" army plausible adjustment "and other issues, some users know the truth, for gospel truth have been forwarded to the individual network big V also helped. To this end, the Ministry of defence spokesman of rumor. For this type of labeled "inside information" and "authoritative interpretation" label false information, the officers and soldiers must have a sensational "shocking" to meet how long a heart, to refrain from arbitrary message forwarding is not reliable. Enhance immunity, clear network rumors true face". The awesome power of sheer numbers, Qunqingzhezhou Public clamor can melt metals., defamation destroys a man. Personal attacks will damage the reputation of citizens and rumors of physical and mental health, social rumors will disrupt public order, relates to the rumor military reform will misinterpret the reform policy, shake the morale. Since the beginning of the year, "the end of the month will launch officer independent new policy" "changed during the conscripts all forced to leave the team" on the reform of the army of the hearsay from time to time set off waves emerge in an endless stream, public opinion, causing many military personnel attention, individual seats, and even affect the work of worry about personal gains and losses. In this regard, the officers and soldiers to be fully aware of the many Internet rumors, some users know the truth of reverie and wanton speculation, but also some hostile forces to me in an attempt to disrupt the process of reform. In this regard, we must always remain sober minded, firmly hold the bottom line message changed — who has not issued by the relevant departments of the authority or the mainstream media published, be regarded as Internet rumors. A terminator, do network rumor mill "". Flow stop Ou Yu Wan, the rumors stop wise. In the face of frequent false version of "changed information" and can be heard without end speculation incitement, the officers and soldiers as the special status of "red netizens", should not only do not listen, do not believe, do not pass, should also do the smashing of the "changed" rumors terminator. On the one hand, to strengthen the reform of confidence, do sensible reforms and practitioner, to join the action, in support of the reform; on the other hand, should be good at distinguishing false information, develop "piercing eye", society)相关的主题文章: