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A stock market revealed the valuation of depression four line capture opportunities Sina App: Ruoshi live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money four lines to capture A shares Peng friends Xu Tingxian Ruoshi chance 3004.70 points, the Shanghai Composite Index ended in September 30th before the three quarter of 2016 to this point. This distance from the beginning of 3536.59 points, down by 15.1%. In the context of China’s low economic operation, interest rates continued downward, asset allocation is more serious shortage. So in the weak market shocks A shares, although the dark, it is still an important battlefield of investors. With respect to the property market, bond market, A stock market gradually reveals the valuation of depression, but it is not the lack of investment opportunities amidst the winds of change, the key is how to grasp the mining and investors. The value of blue chip advantage in a A stock market, reasonable valuation and good performance growth gradually play its core supporting force on stock price. This year, on behalf of the blue chip market index 50 outstanding performance in all the wide base index, relative to the CSI 300, outperforming the 2.3% relative CSI 500 outperform 6.2%, compared to the gem KLCI outperform 5.5%. Whether in the bull market or bear market, the volatility of the stock price is not large blue chip has a very favorable and stable rate of return on investment. At present, the Shanghai Composite Index 50 dividend yield of nearly $3.1%, a considerable dividend and dividend in the investment income for investors thickening, but also improve the safety of the investment pad. The small crocodile asset chairman Huang Hui said that the current blue chips generally has the characteristics of low city net rate, low price earnings ratio, has obvious advantage of the valuation. In the case of other assets relatively overvalued, long-term funds can actively configure high-quality blue chips, a valuation of the return, the other hand is the need to fight the new configuration of the market value, high dividend blue chips will show more obvious investment value. Founder Securities believes that the placards and policy simultaneously, the blue chip market entered the station on the air, blue chip time, Shanghai has gradually become the main battlefield of funds. Ning Ning GF Securities believes that the market interest rates continue downward, the balance of treasure yields a record low for the year, A grade bonds, panic buying are the strength index of asset shortage, A has experienced several stocks inside the stock market crash, some assets may already have considerable appeal, venture capital frequently placards as evidence, including the future the impact of further RRR cuts, Shenzhen Tong and other events of concern, bullish on the Shanghai index and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index of blue chip market is probably not over. Placards stocks into a bright spot in a line always affects the hearts of thousands of placards. Since 2015, "Jupai tide" since the rise, placards stocks show a certain excess returns, has become a highlight in the weak market. Statistics show that since September as of 27, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city, 9 companies were placards, including Yili, the Three Gorges water conservancy, new building shares, Lijiang tourism, Wuchang and other 5 companies among the top fund holdings, total holdings of about 6 billion 200 million yuan. In addition to the 5 companies in addition to the Erie shares are still in suspension, there are different degrees of theory in the month相关的主题文章: