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A healthy breakfast for the family warm day, a type of milk toast – Sohu and a day in the morning, breakfast is the beginning of a day of life, a healthy breakfast can not only as the body’s energy supply, but also the soul of the spirit of comfort; studies have shown that do not eat breakfast or eat breakfast is not serious people, happiness and pleasure to reduce a lot, even eating a breakfast to the firm and secure way of life, where quality, which come of happiness. Even in the busy, breakfast must not dispense with the functional, modern kitchen appliances, reservation function, key function, all of our lives to provide great help; recently love a type of bread, all material thrown on the mobile phone control, it is convenient. Material: high powder 290 grams, 140 grams of milk, an egg (about 60 grams), 5 grams of yeast, salt 3 grams, sugar 26 grams, 26 grams of olive oil production process: before 1, enabled the bread machine, first download and install "Ali ash", the mobile phone is already installed, you can directly add device, follow the prompts, step by step to add 2, start cloud recipes, select one of the European bread and milk, point operation steps and ingredients after opening, according to the list of ingredients in the materials required to prepare 3, all all the ingredients into the bread machine barrel, put in order is the first liquid, yeast powder finally, put salt 4, bread barrel back to the machine, press a key to start the mobile phone terminal, a bread machine starts to work, the default time is 3 hours 40 minutes, making the end of 5, the bread barrel can be taken out of the 6 The bread barrel, (hot gloves), buckle out of bread, let cool slice 7, prepare materials to make sandwiches stuffed, pickled cucumbers, a tuna salad sauce pot, Cherry Tomatoes put on the unused 8, pickled cucumbers and cut into small cubes and tuna salad sauce mix, bread slices with Tuna Salad sauce, covered with a piece of bread, cut around, open can, with a glass of milk or Soybean Milk, healthy and nutritious breakfast tips: 1, I use the PE9600WT bread machine, we use other bread machine proper adjustment 2, winter temperature is low, the liquid can be heated to the temperature of liquid oil the best hand. At room temperature, if just removed from the refrigerator, will affect the dough fermentation and bread to 3 hand temperature, can be installed in the storage bag, do not immediately slice, the best placed in a few hours After the end of the night or after slicing, the effect is better相关的主题文章: