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A good landscape not let people love tea Pu’er tea, and let Yunnan lead: a place where can remember. Tea "Crazy", such as I (is really crazy), but also remember the king of the mountains. Experienced in the bustling Lijiang, Dali, sacred art fan children’s lofty Shangri-La, Yunnan Pu’er tea, and let a be caring place. There is a hypocritical truth says, all journeys are met inherences. After missing the Carolina xiaduo last offer, but under its leadership, find the dream of "tea in heaven". Tea, from Xishuangbanna’s first China plantation, followed the tea horse road caravan came to Tibet, then into Sri Lanka Island, and finally into the southern India market. Pu’er Tea, fermentation or not, or raw or cooked; roasted tea caravan, Ceylon Black Tea, with milk or not, and the Neal geory camellia, Marsala flavoured tea…… Carolina xiaduo painted a tea Road, she followed the history of tea, tea back to the origin of each origin also have a charming hotel. Caractere — Courtoisie Charme — his unique charm — Calme — Cuisine — quiet delicacy Carolina summer flowers "5C" standard, meet all the conditions above, this is how a hotel? Lijiang takeoff or dry weather, the plane landed in Jinghong, it is south of the hot breath blowing. In time, the most suitable to body and mind, so the Bailian Group will be in Jingmai mountains built such a mountain, and looked at the sky clouds. In the mountain experience two hours removed, I do not know how many turns, the car stops at the melodious sound. Open the door to see the scenery, let people forget the pain of the moment fatigued by a long journey. Sunset at the skyline, just separated sunset and Dasan, reflects the light of beauty. As the Top Resort standard, Jing Bailian room distribution in 8 villas, scattered along the mountain. In the room the most amazing, is with the natural skin on the balcony, lounge, Ravenala flourish, meet your imaginations about the south. The next dinner is a small climax of the day. Jing Bai has a very distinctive three dinner — moonlight, starlight, candlelight. The table decoration is full of readily removable camellia, tea fruit and tea. With tea flavor, choose the most suitable ingredients, cooking methods and local unique, it is like a freely flowing style of writing. At dinner the hotel also offers a choice of stone pot noodle, while stone pot boiling when topped with chicken, quail egg, fish, shrimp, hot sauce, etc. local noodle pot. This sense of ritual and the subsequent taste delicious and smooth to shock, an ancient brain arrived in the stomach and the nerve center, feel this 20 years other noodle eaten, are flat and uninteresting. (see as I should have thought of, in, eat has a good taste of Carolina summer flowers how can the "wrong".) A big drink back to the room, the night bed has been opened, close the door相关的主题文章: