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A doctor was beaten, only to save a child? Sohu health editor note: This article is authorized by the true story program. The original version in 2011, titled "sacrifice", part of the treatment guidelines have been updated. This is a "ignorance" to a story: sadly sigh on hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and cerebral palsy between the possibility of ignorance, cerebral palsy early intervention can achieve good recovery effect of ignorance, and ignorance of neonatal life value. And all of this, not the patient can simply from the search engine said in the. What kind of life should be saved? These medical and ethical considerations, and how to communicate with patients? When doctors and patients can not reach an agreement, and how to do? Dream of living a dignified life of the young father, and dedicated doctors, a cerebral palsy children’s life and death differences. Chen Li to give up his son, but the doctor saved him. 1 Chen Li decided to beat a doctor. The doctor saved his child in five days ago. Five days, the father of the middle-aged man, in a kind of fear of the unknown fate of the second. At about 10 am on November 8, 2011, fear was ignited by a paper diagnosis and quickly turned to anger: his son was diagnosed with "hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.". He began to hate to let the child and let the child live in the world – a hospital in Shenzhen, dr.. Holding the fist of diagnosis, rushed to the hospital inpatient department of the seven floor. Luo Jun is sitting in the office to chat with patients. Chen Li stepped into his right fist without demur, thin Luo Jun from the chair down on the ground, and added a. Luo Jun struggling to get out of office, Chen Li rushed up, it will fall on the ground. Two people entangled in full and temporary beds of pregnant women in the corridor. Short after Luo colleagues stunned, just react, will be opened two. "I’m going to live with a fool for the rest of my life! "Chen Li across the crowd, in front of Luo Jun cursed," I said no child, why give back! Luo Jun, who starts bleeding from his right hand and knees, sees who is beating him. Luo Jun also angry, shouted: "you go ahead the father can not have kids, I can’t the doctor from ruin! "In the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology in hundreds of pregnant women and their families, doctors and nurses, to see the strange almost absurd scene: a doctor was beaten because save people’s children; a father is beating because his child was saved and. Police then rushed to the two people to the police station investigation. Chen Li in the police request to write a letter of apology, although he admitted in the letter "hit can not solve the problem, but more is still complaining to the doctor secretly:" Dr. Luo to me repeatedly stressed that the child will be born is a brain child…… I said I don’t want children, but the law still rescue. "If it really is a doctor from ruin, dereliction of duty. "Rather baffling being beaten, let Luo susceptible相关的主题文章: