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90 seconds know autumn bag, you bought it? Which size do you like? From the popular point of view, mini size package, especially the Satchel Bag the world has ruled for a long period of time, although say, in fact, mini package or some messenger packet is very practical, but it’s a lot of love large capacity bag girl recently did not think how what the package can buy back. The wave packet will not last so fast, but for this kind of girls, the good news came, winter 2016, the bag with the return of posture is very obvious. The bag bag leading world may have to come, you ready to carry those big years abandoned it? When it comes to package regression, there are several bags have to say! Speaking from the brand in the forefront of the winter 2016 show, this year the show has occupied the big brands. And they’re not big enough, they’re very special. Look at Balenciaga "bags" Bazaar compilation of China’s famous spirit bag. Stella McCartney package Nina, metal handle using a semicircular arc fold, handsome.Loewe stacked large Amazona full of fun. The latest Gucci graffiti bag 2017 Milan Fashion Week: ARMANI exquisite natural and sexy charm see here, a lot of people estimated to have love big smiles, many fashionable boys may be very excited, after all, most brands of male package design is business or functional, and such a big bag boys can control. Small series in the show with you to look at the new season’s most noteworthy several big bags! Chloe has launched a number of popular package, but almost all of the packet based, so in the 2016 autumn and winter show, I saw such a big Lexa floated out, really scared. This package is very casual, runway models are back on the back out, with a bit of College temperament. From Drew to Faye to Lexa, the Chloe package is getting larger and larger, and the name of the first letter of the alphabet remains the order of the alphabet. The color is almost always very gentle color Chloe usual, earth color, and suede material, good collocation. This package has 3 different sizes, the largest that is too large, as if the country can not buy. In fact, size is not small, 170+ for girls, but I see the girl messenger 160+ is actually very nice. If you are not so high, do not want to risk to match, you can also start the trumpet. Love is the small grey suede, is a rare go gentle route bag. Grey suede Lexa, same color every detail almost all use of color and texture, looks very soft top. Lock Lexa positive is like a pig like package, can be inserted into a bolt design, but usually the small latch key hanging down, walking by the package swing, especially good-looking. In the just concluded New York fashion week, Balenciaga Bazaar this is only China’s package?相关的主题文章: