8 people guess melon Gang cheated thousands of victims of the day up to 4 thousand cheated-melia kreiling

8 "guess the seeds" Gang on thousands of victims up to cheat cheated 4 thousand original title: 8 "guess seeds" Gang day cheat thousand yuan times JINGWAH (reporter Zhang Sijia) reporter yesterday learned from the Chaoyang police, police arrested a recently often use "guess seeds" fraud Gang, at present, 5 people 8 the suspects in criminal detention, 3 people were in administrative detention. Since March this year, the police received a number of times to play in the street guess melon was reported fraud. The police found, "guess melon seeds" in Chaoyang District Changying District, generally choose morning around, bus stations and other crowded places for fraud. Police investigation found that the fraud Gang clear division of labor, the 1 drivers responsible for shuttle gang members, 1 people do dealer operations "guess the seeds", several other members are responsible for child care, encourage participation on the sidelines of the passers-by. "The perpetrators of the tools is also very simple, a piece of cloth on the floor, a small bowl, a piece of wood, a melon, a banker can play a game player." Police handling the case said. To find out the gang crime law, regular police station to catch. As early as 5, more than 7 points, the gang again in the vicinity of Shuangqiao south bus station. 8, the gang stand ready to leave, the police arrested all 8 suspects. According to the investigation, the 8 suspects were Henan nationality, of which 5 people have been treated for fraud by the police. Currently, the 5 suspects in the alleged fraud of the criminal detention, the 3 were in administrative detention, the case is still under investigation in the middle of the month of the year, the number of people in the group of 8 suspects were detained. > > a hidden seeds plug confession magnet iron making an account of the high crime, 6 associates do care in the next round, saw passers-by crowd or interest, encouraged the passers-by to play with. Game player will charge 100 yuan before playing the game, after winning the banker to pay 200 yuan, lost money dealer. "I told four or five melon seeds in a small bowl, one melon seeds inside iron". An account of the high, he will advance in a finger on a sticky paste, hidden inside a magnet. "Guess seeds", he shook the bowl of melon seeds in the game player eyes, and then use wood to cover the bowl, let the game player guess there are a few bowls of melon seeds, "if they are right, I will use the fake seeds magnet sucked up, so I can win". Police investigators, the suspect will be replaced by iron melon seeds, with 502 glue on the melon skin made of fake seeds, seeds and really look as like as two peas. According to the investigation, the victim cheated a maximum loss of 4000 yuan. An account of the high, probably a day income of about 1000 yuan, after deducting money left several people equally. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: