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Marketing Once you take care of a customer by delivering fantastic service, how do you keep your name in front of them? Direct Mail? Radio? Flyers? Email? These are all great methods to have in your arsenal. However one that you should add to leverage each of these is text message advertising. Text messages provide you with the most effective means to keep your name in front of your customers. Your customers choose to be notified of your offers and incentives. Additionally since most people have a cell phone, you have access to instantly .municating with them. In essence their cell phone your bill board. Why would a customer want your ad on their cell phone? Study after study has shown that customers find text message ads acceptable, as long as they can opt-in and opt-out of receiving the ads. These same studies also show that customers are more of ads that include incentives, such as discounts and savings. Your customers want your ads because they like doing business with you … otherwise they will not opt-in. Building your opt-in list The most important thing that you will need to do, to make your text message advertising campaign effective is to build a database of customers. Number collection can be done automatically with the use of keywords. Simply have your customers text a keyword you choose to a phone number. For example Text EAT99 to (214)686-9411. Once they do this, they will have opted-into your campaign. You can begin sending them messages immediately. To collect numbers automatically you will need a messaging provider that provides this feature. Some will require you to collect phone numbers on your own (too much work). Some will require your customers to visit a website (unreliable). The best messaging providers offer a seamless solution to number collection by keyword and sending based on keywords as well. To build your opt-in list we suggest 3 methods: Sweepstake, Instant Savings or Instant Coupon. You will have to decide which method you prefer, however Blitz Mobile re.mends instant savings. Instant savings gives your customer instant gratification for opting-in. To implement this strategy, direct your customers verbally, with signage, in your print ads etc – – to send a text message. Example: "Send a text message and save on your purchases of 20.00 or more!" You must however inform customers that they are opting-in to receive future messages from you as well. To opt out of your campaign instruct them to Text STOP EAT99 to (214)686-9411". Text messages provide an easy low cost way to do what every business needs – to stay in front of their customers. Copyright 2007 – Darryl Gee, Blitz Mobile About the Author: 相关的主题文章: