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About your baby lying the 6 reasons [] such a small baby will grow up to lie, how to do? Now a lot of mothers on this issue. In fact, in the face of the baby lying first do not blame the baby, to think about what is the reason for the baby lying? One of the reasons lie: the fear of punishment broke the baby readme: fish tank, mother will spank me a dog in the basket that red ball really good-looking, but I just picked up the dog rushed me "bark!" To call a stop, I am scared satuijiupao. "Oh!" My head hurts me! Just listen to "bang!" A click on the table aquarium unexpectedly fell to the ground, the floor is all wet, small goldfish in the ground to thump thump. What the hell is going on? Mess up! Mom came over, pointing to the broken fish tank on the ground to ask me, "how is this going on?" I remember the last time I put the milk into the pot, and my mother hit me on the bottom. This is if I crashed tank and spank me, I quickly told her: "the dog is damaged!" Children’s mentality Click: the child is not the result of fear is the result of the philosopher Russell said: "children are almost always the result of fear of dishonesty." The United States famous child psychologist Quinot analysis of children lying also said: "lying is the fear that the truth and seek refuge in children scolded." 2~3 year old children already have some basic judgments of right and wrong, and when they find themselves doing something wrong, they instinctively fear the punishment. Especially the experience of being reprimanded and punished for doing something wrong. Just like in the story of the skin, when the mother who is breaking the fish tank, he will instinctively think of the last time the mother was hit by mistake. Therefore, in order to avoid punishment, it will create a lie to cover up mistakes. Mother: 1, a coup. Don’t let the children tell the truth and a hard question, that will only make the child more and more round the lie. 2, create a relaxed environment. Create a positive environment for the children to tell the truth, tell the children will make mistakes, should be brave to admit that the next attention on the line. 3, first recognition and then deal with. When children take the initiative to tell the truth, we must first praise the child’s honesty, and then properly handle the child’s mistakes. The reason for lying two: imagination and reality confused baby readme: is the elephant took me back to my father took me to the zoo on Sunday. Zoos are fun, lions, hippos, elephants, rhinos…… Oh, see my eyes. Why? Why do animals and people look different? Why is the White Swan full of feathers and wings? Why don’t elephants have wings, they can take me home. The day passed quickly, no time arrived, I proudly told her: "elephant fly me back." Click on the baby mentality: with the imagination to replace the reality of 2, about 3 years old children, knowledge gradually wide, rich feelings, language ability, the development of imagination is also extremely rich. The wings of the elephant, the refrigerator and the size of houses, and so on the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style in this age of the children is very common. They often according to their own desire to fantasy, imagination instead of reality. Children of this age group.相关的主题文章: