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Marketing For the past five years, Cobra Group, Poland, has been creating ripples in the Polish market, especially, in the direct marketing sector. It was in 2004 that Cobra Group made its entry, a very ceremonious kind of entry, into the Polish market. The .pany, which has already earned for itself an unbeatable kind of reputation in direct marketing, was accorded the warmest of wel.e by Polish .panies as well as by the public. They knew that this was going to be a wel.e change and that new avenues were being charted for them. From the very initial stage of its entry into Poland, The Cobra Group started planning and working on establishing the most direct of relations with the public. Field representatives from the .pany, zestful and cheerful as ever, started meeting people on the streets and paid regular visits to people at their workplaces and homes. The intention of course was to get them acquainted with the best of brands available in the world market and also to get an idea about their needs and requirements. And from there took off an eventful flight, towards leading the direct marketing sector in the country. Cobra Group, Polska gradually expanded base, spreading out into various industrial sectors like tele.munications, finance, insurance and utilities to name a few and also into major cities all across the country. All kinds of direct marketing techniques like B2B marketing, event marketing and doorstep marketing were employed to ensure high volume customer acquisition. The unique Human .mercial methodology, developed by the .pany for lending a ‘human’ touch to its direct marketing endeavours, was employed to the fullest possible extent. The results were simply marvellous. The whole of the Polish market started taking lead from Cobra Group, Poland and lives were changed, new avenues explored and the whole meaning of direct marketing re-defined. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: