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Data-Recovery d3ayat is an online business directory for the exclusive use of .panies and their customers not only from Middle Eastern countries but from all over the world. It helps business owners advertise their products and service and helps customers search for their products. But the question is why business owners believe in the usefulness of d3ayat when the internet is loaded with numerous such sites. Here are few reasons why business men believe in such sites. How does d3ayat ensure data security? Different physical and electronic security tools are used at d3ayat and restriction of physical access to their offices and firewalls are maintained thereby saving the information of customers and business owners from misuse, loss or unauthorized use. The management ensures that the website is not used in any other manner that is unlawful or contradicting the terms and conditions. Customers or business owners are not supposed to use the directory for transmission of junk mail, spam, chain letters etc and also should not engage in distribution of unsolicited mail. Customers and business owners are not allowed to submit to the directory any material that may contain .puter worms, viruses or any type of malicious material. Also they should not modify, damage, destroy the files, data, passwords or resources belonging to the .pany or website. Finally, the .pany grants users and advertisers to download copyrighted content only for private purposes and not to use the content for any other purpose without the written consent from the .pany. How does d3ayat ensure data accuracy? d3ayat is known as the most accurate and reliable directory in the Middle East. Unlike other business directories available today, d3ayat places a great deal of importance on the accuracy of data posted on their site. All the membership plans provided by the site allows business owners to update information by themselves to ensure the accuracy of the directory. d3ayat allows the customer to enter Title, Logo Image, Address, Phone, Fax, Web Link, E-Mail Link, Summary Description, Detail Description, Send to a Friend, Add to Favourites, Print, Map, Designation Icon, Coupon, Ratings and Reviews, Photo Gallery, Contact Form and Video Snippets so that customers can contact the business owner directly to get the information they require .It id for this reason that d3ayat is considered the best directory for Business to Business transactions. Conclusion A Business Directory is one that ac.modates the advertising needs of B2B customers. Much like a Yellow Page directory listing for businesses, .mercial directories give .panies a centralized location to advertise their products and service. But the growth and expansion of any business directory depends on the accuracy of their information and the amount of security that the site is ready to offer to their customers and clients. d3ayat is a directory that most of the people in the Middle East use to help narrow down their search for various products and services as it is the most secure, reliable and accurate directory in the Middle East. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: