Hubei reward collective and individual pursuit ZhuiZang active in February 3 to recover the red pass-若槻ゆうか

Hubei reward collective and individual pursuit ZhuiZang active in February 3 to recover the red pass yesterday, I held the anti-corruption work of international fugitives stolen goods active collective and individual video conference awards. Deputy director of the International Cooperation Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Minjul, provincial committee, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial anti-corruption coordination team leader Hou Changan, deputy governor, the provincial public security bureau director Ceng Xin in the main venue of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection attended the meeting. Sensitive Zhule on behalf of the central office of the pursuit of two months of continuous recovery in Hubei province 3 "hundred red person", from the remarkable breakthrough jumped to recover the number of the first warm congratulations. He stressed that the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to anti-corruption work of international fugitives stolen goods, we should regard it as a political task to firmly grasp. The main characteristics of Hubei Province, he attaches great importance to the leadership responsibility system, work focus, in place to protect the fully affirmed. Hou Changan pointed out that the anti-corruption work is international pursuit evasion ZhuiZang battle is a protracted war, the next stage to further strengthen confidence, make clear the task, effectively assume the pursuit ZhuiZang work responsibility, to lay a solid foundation, strengthening security, efforts to consolidate the pursuit ZhuiZang work foundation, a truss fence, densely woven Skynet, strengthen fangtao the mechanism construction, to resolutely will steel and iron measures, the style of "bones", fight, ensure the decisive victory. He stressed that the reward for the active pursuit ZhuiZang collective and individual, embodies the distinctive policy oriented and value oriented, hope all units, persevere, never yield in spite of reverses and make new contributions. Zeng Yan stressed to the conference as a new starting point, adhere to the goal orientation, task list, conduction layers of pressure to constantly adjust tactics, optimization strategy, and strive for greater victories, to produce a more satisfactory answer. The conference announced that the provincial government awarded the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau Zhu Haiping catch Gongzuozhuanban, Huangshi City People’s Procuratorate collective merit, awarded the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment Chen Hansheng, Party members, Daye Municipal People’s Procuratorate anti corruption bureau director Ning Ze on individual merit. (trend & news; Hubei Daily reporter Yang Hongbin, correspondent Sun Wenrui, Li Liangbo)

湖北奖励追逃追赃有功集体和个人 2月追回3名红通  昨日,我省召开反腐败国际追逃追赃工作有功集体和个人奖励视频会议。中央纪委国际合作局副局长敏珠勒,省委常委、省纪委书记、省委反腐败协调小组组长侯长安,副省长、省公安厅厅长曾欣在省纪委主会场出席会议并讲话。  敏珠勒代表中央追逃办对湖北省两个月内连续追回3名“百名红通人员”,从零的突破跃升至追回数量全国第一的显著成绩表示热烈祝贺。他强调,党中央高度重视反腐败国际追逃追赃工作,我们要把它作为一项政治任务抓好抓实。他对湖北省领导高度重视、责任体系健全、工作目标聚焦、各项保障到位等主要工作特点给予充分肯定。  侯长安指出,反腐败国际追逃追赃工作是攻坚战更是持久战,下阶段要进一步坚定信心、明确任务,切实担起追逃追赃工作责任,进一步打牢根基、强化保障,着力夯实追逃追赃工作基础,进一步扎紧篱笆、织密天网,全面加强防逃机制建设,以钢的意志、铁的措施、雷厉风行的作风,“啃骨头”、打硬仗,确保决战决胜。他强调,对追逃追赃有功集体和个人进行奖励,体现了鲜明的政策导向和价值导向,希望各地各单位百折不挠、持之以恒、再立新功。  曾欣强调,要以此次会议为新的起点,坚持目标导向,明确任务清单,层层传导压力,不断调整战术、优化策略,争取更大战果,交出更满意的答卷。  会议宣布,省委、省政府授予武汉市公安局朱海平追抓工作专班、黄石市人民检察院集体一等功,授予武汉市公安局经侦支队支队长陈汉生,大冶市人民检察院党组成员、反贪污贿赂局局长宁开泽个人一等功。(动向新闻&湖北日报 记者杨宏斌、通讯员孙文瑞、李良波)相关的主题文章: