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Liu Renna snow dazzle Honey graceful body, as long as you can have the method – Sohu BNT news "BAGLE" word refers to have a young appearance, but at the same time with exquisite body. Without a flaw, actresses with a perfect BAGLE figure envy all women. The popular actress Liu Renna, AOA, Honey, SISTAR EXID snow Xuan Shao Tai, Secret all star Girl’s Day?, Suzhen, Liu Xiaoying are representative of the BAGLE figure of the stars. What should you do if you want to have a star like "BAGLE" figure? A few tricks can also make you have a star like figure. BABY FACE:: create clean and elastic skin to be younger than her actual age child looks, should focus on building skin clean, and flexible management. Beauty is the way to modify the face, but meticulous basic care is more important. After going home, it is recommended to use cleansing products suitable for their own skin types. Careful massage, will accumulate in the skin surface or deep in the pores of beauty makeup residue and dirt removed together. Then use moisturizing cream or mask and other basic products, to provide adequate nutrition for the skin. Kiehl’s 01 (Kiehl ‘s) Ultra Facial Cleanser, nonionic surfactants and gentle, is to maintain the original skin oil, gently remove excrement moisturizing cleanser. 02 IOPE SUPER VITAL CREAM BIO EXCELLENT RICH, containing biological cells of retinoic acid, can prevent skin aging phenomenon of high moisturizing anti-aging cream. 03 Estee Lauder (ESTEE LAUDER) Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask, the use of metal sheet of Duel Matrix Mask, the essence of the nutrients more quickly convey to the skin, quickly mask the moisture inside the skin. Attractive body: focus on the "flexibility" management, if you want to have exquisite body, not only the face, the body should also be anti-aging care. Constant exercise and adjustment of dietary habits, coupled with the use of effective skin care products for a variety of care, can effectively keep the body’s skin also keep elasticity. Especially if the chest loses elasticity, it will be difficult to recover, if the dream has a charming figure, you must adhere to meticulous management. In addition to chest massage, it is also recommended to use chest management products like chest mask for continuous management of chest elasticity. Romania (LAMY Cosmetics) Real cosmetics 97% Rice Paper Iting Breast Mask using all natural facial mask paper, was given a "rice chest s

刘仁娜雪炫哈妮的曼妙身材 只要方法对你也能拥有-搜狐      bnt新闻讯“BAGLE”一词多是指拥有年轻外表但同时又具有玲珑有致的身材。没有一丝缺陷,拥有完美BAGLE身材的女星们令所有女性羡慕不已。   其中人气女星刘仁娜、AOA雪炫、EXID哈妮、SISTAR韶宥、Secret全?星、Girl’s Day素珍、刘小英等都是BAGLE身材的代表性明星。   若想拥有明星般的“BAGLE”身材该怎么做呢?几个小技巧也可令你拥有明星们般的曼妙身材。   BABY FACE :: 打造洁净、弹性的肌肤      若想拥有比自己实际年龄更加年轻的童颜容貌,应着重进行打造洁净、又具有弹性的护肤管理。美妆是修饰容颜的方法,但细致的基础护理更为重要。   外出归家后,建议使用适合自身肌肤类型的洁面产品。细致按摩,将堆积在肌肤表面或是深陷在毛孔内的美妆品残留物与污垢一并去除。然后使用保湿霜或面膜等基础产品,为肌肤供应充足的营养。      01 科颜氏(Kiehl’s)Ultra Facial Cleanser,含有温和的非离子表面活性剂,是维持肌肤原有油份,温和清除排泄物的保湿洁面乳。   02 IOPE SUPER VITAL CREAM BIO EXCELLENT RICH,含有生物细胞维甲酸,可完美防止肌肤老化现象的高保湿抗衰老面霜。   03 雅诗兰黛(ESTEE LAUDER)Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask,使用金属薄片的Duel Matrix Mask,将精华的营养成份更加快速地传达给肌肤,迅速补充肌肤内水分的面膜。   拥有魅力的身材 :: 着重于“弹性”管理      若想拥有玲珑有致的身材,不仅脸部,对身体也要进行抗衰老护理。坚持不断的运动和调整饮食习惯调整、再加上使用功效卓越的护肤产品进行多种护理,可有效令身体肌肤也保持弹力。   尤其是胸部如果失去弹性,将会很难得以恢复,若梦想拥有魅力的身材,就必须坚持细致的管理。除了进行胸部按摩,还建议使用像胸部面膜一样的胸部管理专用产品,对维持胸部弹性进行持续管理。   罗美化妆品(LAMY Cosmetics)Real 97% Rice Paper Iting Breast Mask      使用全天然面膜纸,被赋予“大米胸膜”的爱称,人气极高。产品精华内含有胶原蛋白、丰丽果、石榴等天然成分,可以实现综合性的胸部护理效果。大米特有的贴肤性,帮助提高胸部弹性。宋恩智 郑文兰 文 LAMY 罗美化妆品,Kiehl’s,IOPE,ESTEE LAUDER,bnt新闻DB http: FrontStore iStartPage.phtml   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章: