A 23 year old female college students to earn extra money for selling fake fat dissolving needle (vi-carmex润唇膏

A 23 year old female college students to earn extra money selling fake fat dissolving needle jailed for female college students apply a trial in the Shijingshan court, the court for the crime of selling fake drugs sentenced to prison for 1 and a half years. A 23 year old female college students apply a to earn extra money, through the sale of fat dissolving needle, but the 29 year old Ms. Stone in fat soluble sales after the injection needle, waist and legs appear different degree of bruising, fester. After identification, Shen fat soluble needle sales is fake, yesterday morning, the application of a trial in Shijingshan court, and the court in the crime of selling counterfeit sentenced to imprisonment for 1 and a half years. Fat soluble necrosis caused by pseudo fat needle necrosis, born in 1993, is a college student in a university in Shandong. Yesterday morning, a childish face wearing a Gray Hoodie Shen to appear in court, the parents also arrived from his home in Beijing to attend the case. It is alleged that in September 2014, Shen will be a box of honey Labelle fat dissolving needle needle to lose weight the sales price of 1300 yuan to the criminal suspect where a (handled separately), which after a 1850 yuan in the price of drugs sold to the victim Ms. stone. In the absence of any medical qualification, every one in a Fasthotel room in Shijingshan, Ms. Shi’s abdominal and leg injection, and the injection fee of 1400 yuan. Later, Ms. Stone was injected with skin infection phenomenon of abscess after liposuction, the diagnosis of fat necrosis, medical expenses of more than 100 thousand yuan, and the degree of injury identified is a minor one. By the Shijingshan District food and Drug Administration identification, Shen, a sale of "honey Labelle dissolved grease needle" is fake. Shijingshan procuratorate finds that any one or Shen is suspected of selling fake drugs, causing great harm to the physical and mental health of the victim, criminal responsibility should be investigated. When the electricity supplier and selling to earn money for the prosecution alleged Shen said recognition, she said sales of fat dissolving needle is to earn pocket money, when asked about his own sales fat dissolving needle quality, curative effect, no side effect, the application of a face: "I am also from a micro business buy, not clear there is no qualification." Shen admitted advertising words and effect map are online plagiarism, they are not "agents", no "actual use", does not have the business qualification. After the stone lady was injured, Shen came to Beijing to find one, and the two went to the hospital to visit Ms. shi. "Parents always urge me to actively solve this problem, so after receiving the police phone, they accompany me to the police station." On the 29 day of last month, another defendant, a certain person, was also tried in the same court. When a court called himself and shen Mou after understanding, buy fat soluble needle after the discovery of their pregnancy can not be used, will hand over the fat needle sold to Ms. shi. Finally, any one was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment by the Shijingshan court in three years and six months, and the penalty was five thousand yuan. After the incident, Shen, each to pay 50 thousand yuan to Ms. Shi, but did not get the understanding. Ms. Shi has filed a criminal supplementary civil action to the court, requiring the two defendants to compensate for medical expenses, loss of work costs, transportation costs and so on about 1 million 40 thousand yuan. The two relatives participated in the trial yesterday as an agent. After the court of Shijingshan held that the prosecution and prosecution had been established, the first instance of the court was sold

23岁女大学生赚“外快” 卖假溶脂针获刑  女大学生申某在石景山法院受审,法院以销售假药罪一审判处其有期徒刑1年半。  23岁的女大学生申某为赚“外快”,通过销售溶脂针,但29岁的石女士在注射其销售的溶脂针后,腰部、腿部出现不同程度的淤青、溃烂。经鉴定,申某销售的溶脂针是假货,昨天上午,申某在石景山法院受审,并被法院以销售假药罪一审判处有期徒刑1年半。  假溶脂针致脂肪溶解坏死  1993年出生的申某是山东某大学的在校大学生。昨天上午,一脸稚气的申某穿着灰色帽衫出现在法庭,其父母也从老家赶到北京旁听此案。  据指控,2014年9月,申某将一盒“蜜拉贝尔溶脂针”减肥针以1300元的价格销售给犯罪嫌疑人凡某(另案处理),后凡某又以1850元的价格将药品转卖给被害人石女士。在无任何行医资质下,凡某在石景山某快捷酒店房间内对石女士的腹部和腿部进行注射,又收取注射费1400元。之后,石女士被注射部位出现溶脂后皮肤脓肿合并感染现象,经诊断为脂肪溶解坏死,医疗费用已逾10万元,其损伤程度经鉴定属轻伤一级。  经石景山区食品药品监督管理局鉴定,申某、凡某销售的“蜜拉贝尔溶脂针”为假药。石景山检察院认定,凡某、申某涉嫌销售假药罪,给被害人身心造成巨大伤害,应当追究刑事责任。  当“电商”售假赚零用钱  申某对检方指控表示认可,她表示销售溶脂针就是为了多赚点零用钱,当被问及自己销售的溶脂针的质量、疗效、有无副作用时,申某一脸茫然:“我也是从一家微商买的,不清楚有没有资质。”申某承认自己打出的广告词和使用效果图等均为网上抄袭,自己并非“代理商”,也没有“实际使用过”,根本不具备经营资质。得知石女士受伤后,申某来北京找到凡某,两人一同去医院看望了石女士。“父母一直督促我积极解决这事,所以接到警察电话后,他们就陪我去派出所了。”  就在上个月29日,另一位被告人凡某也在同一个法院受审。凡某在庭上称,自己与申某认识后,购买溶脂针后因发现自己怀孕无法使用,就转手将溶脂针卖给了石女士。最后,凡某因此被石景山法院判处有期徒刑三年六个月,并处罚金五千元。  事发后申某、凡某各自向石女士赔付5万元,但并没有取得谅解。石女士已经向法院提起刑事附带民事诉讼,要求两被告人赔偿医疗费、误工费、交通费等104万元左右。其两位亲属作为代理人参加了昨天的庭审。  石景山法院审理后认为检方指控均已成立,法院一审以销售假药罪判处申某有期徒刑1年6个月,罚金5000元。驳回石女士刑事附带民事其他诉讼请求  -链接  做微整形前须检查商家正规证照  近些年来,微整形引发的事故不胜枚举。对此,石景山检察院承办检察官表示,溶脂针、美白针、干细胞等微整形针剂,我国根本没有批准上市,市场上出现的此类产品都属于违规销售或者假药,盲目注射很可能会有生命危险。  据其介绍,整形美容医院属于医疗美容范畴,必须要有《医疗机构执业许可证》,包含的经营项目应该有“医疗美容科”、“美容外科”等医疗美容科目。整形外科医生必须具有专业资格证,即《医师资格证》和《执业医师证》。此外,有些省份卫计委还规定整形外科医生必须具有《医疗美容主诊医师资格证》。  但如今,一些微整形工作室隐藏在写字楼里,拉拢顾客。在账号里,这些微整形工作室标榜自己是专业工作室,涉及的微整形项目繁多,包括隆鼻、填充额头、注射溶脂针瘦脸针、丰唇、丰下巴等等,风险极大。 美丽的谎言微整形相关的主题文章: