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Angela · Julie and Brad · Pete divorced! The contents of the public number by finishing release, unauthorized reprint declined. Foreign media news Angelina · Julie and Brad · Pete divorced! It is said that this Monday, Julie has filed the documents to the court at the same time, she has custody requirements of 6 children, giving Brad the right to see Peter CNN also reported the news reported, no third differences between two people, mainly because of the way is not the same with the baby. Julie was said to be very unhappy with Pitt’s way of bringing up a baby. The two were photographed the last time, or in July 12th of this year. Peter and Julie and got married in 2014 and in early 2004, they co starred in "Mrs Smith", the relationship between the media has become the subject of speculation, Peter was married to actress Jennifer · Aniston. In January 2005, Peter and Aniston announced after the breakdown of the marriage, "Mrs. Smith" has officially together Julie later adopted from Ethiopia’s adopted daughter Zahara, and announced in early 2006, she and Pitt had a baby. Shortly thereafter, Maddox and Peter have legally adopted Zahara rights. In May 2006, Peter and Julie’s daughter Shiloh was born March 2007, they adopted Vietnamese children parkes. In July 2008, Julie gave birth to twins Vivienne and Knox. In 2012, the couple announced their engagement. In 2014, the parents of the six children held a private wedding. The couple had been "divorce" repeatedly said to Peter can’t stand his wife because she ate little, drinking every night, and not stop smoking "and Angelina · Julie is tired of Pete reliance on marijuana and alcohol, she thinks it has caused harm to children of the Hollywood’s most famous couple from the history of the most famous mistress has officially ended 27K Click to play GIF Thailand tour on the ancient Silk Road Chinese. The Tibetan new year this night, Bangkok fortune teller was killed on the face still veiled in his living room, there is a cause of death in Bangkok fortune teller coffee poison. The Bangkok fortune teller was presided over by the Bangkok TV station "mysterious geomantic omen", but the audience never saw the true colors and knew nothing about his private life. In the tourist group, although people are friendly and friendly, they never take off the mysterious veil on their faces. This is why? Dunhuang branch officer Chen opened a mystery in the scene: he had syphilis, the nose has been rotten, mysterious masked just to hide the ugly. Dunhuang branch officer Chen analysis, the general life of people born syphilis is chaotic, and therefore the case may belong to murder. Therefore, the Chen police in Dunhuang branch sent a notice to the police station of Bangkok through Interpol, asking for the private life of the liquidation division and providing clues to solve the case. But the Bangkok Police Bureau after verification reply: fortune telling, teachers and students syphilis genetic, I style upright, good people, no conflict, no clues in Thailand. Thorny problem. Solving a crime can only start from scratch: who is there in the tour group and the fortune teller?

安吉拉·朱莉与布拉德·皮特离婚了!▎本内容由本公众号整理发布,未经授权谢绝转载。外媒消息安吉丽娜·朱莉和布拉德·皮特离婚了!据说,这周一朱莉已经向法院提交了离婚文件,同时她要求对6位子女拥有抚养权,给予布拉德-皮特探视的权利CNN也报道了这一消息据报道称,两人之间没有第三者,分歧主要是因带娃的方式不同。据称,朱莉对皮特的带娃方式非常不满.,两人最近一次被拍到见面,还是在今年的7月12号。皮特与朱莉与2014年完婚而早在2004年,他们共同出演《史密斯夫妇》时,其关系便成为媒体炒作的题材,当时皮特娶了女星珍妮弗·安妮斯顿。2005年1月,皮特和安妮斯顿宣布婚姻破裂之后,“史密斯夫妇”便正式在一起朱莉后来又收养了来自埃塞俄比亚的养女扎哈拉,并在2006年初宣布,她和皮特有了宝宝。此后不久,皮特取得合法收养马多克斯和扎哈拉的权利。2006年5月皮特和朱莉的女儿希洛出生,2007年3月他们收养了越南小孩派克斯。2008年7月茱莉生下了一对双胞胎维维恩和诺克斯。2012年,这对夫妻宣布订婚。2014年,这六个孩子的父母举办了私人婚礼。这对夫妇已经“被离婚”多次据说皮特受不了妻子因为“她吃得很少,夜夜饮酒,而且不停地抽烟”而安吉丽娜·朱莉也厌倦了皮特对于大麻和酒精的依赖,她认为这已经对孩子们造成了危害这对好莱坞最著名夫妇离了最著名小三上位史也正式宣告结束点击播放 GIF 27K泰国旅游团踏上了中国的古丝绸之路。藏历新年的这一天夜里,曼谷算命师在他住的客房被人杀害脸上依旧蒙着面纱,死因是有人在曼谷算命师喝的咖啡里投毒。这个曼谷算命师在曼谷电视台《神秘风水》栏目中主持,但观众从未见到过真面目,对他的私生活也一无所知。在旅游团,尽管待人热情友好,但也从不摘下脸上的神秘面纱。这是为什么呢? 敦煌分局的陈警官在勘查现场时揭开了谜底:他生过梅毒,鼻子已经腐烂,神秘蒙面只是为了遮丑。敦煌分局的陈警官分析认为,生梅毒的人一般性生活比较混乱,因而该案可能属于情杀。于是敦煌分局的陈警方通过国际刑警组织向曼谷警察局发出通报,要求查清算命师的私生活并提供破案线索。可是曼谷警察局的查实后回复:算命师生梅毒为遗传,本人作风正派,为人和善,没过冲突,在泰国无破案线索。棘手的难题。破案只能从头开始:调查旅游团内有谁与算命师一起喝过咖啡。经过调查,找到了三个嫌疑人:林小妹 ——算命师的妻子;成伟 ——算命师的弟弟; 文山——旅游团成员。林小妹另有新欢,此次没一同来中国旅游,她想趁机留在曼谷与男小三厮混,算命师揭穿了她的企图,胁迫她来到中国。为此她每晚与算命师争吵。平时她喜欢鹊巢咖啡,有作案动机。文山是建材商人,为人阴险狡猾。为了取财不择手段。此次旅游中,他与算命师喝咖啡时无意看见算命师带了一笔巨款打算购买中国古董便经常纠缠要给他介绍古董生意。中国警官在清理算命师的遗物时,又发现他所带的巨款已丢失。以上三人都没有在占卜师的死亡推定时间内不在现场的证人,而其他团员都一一被排除了嫌疑。敦煌分局的陈警官对三个嫌疑人逐个推理分析,最后确定了凶手。经过审讯,这个嫌疑人供认不讳,并查到了证据。你知道究竟是怎么回事吗?动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: