Xiangyang women caused by emotional disputes Mercedes Benz repeatedly hit another woman Audi-1926年属相�

Xiangyang women because of emotional disputes, Mercedes Benz hit many times, another woman, Audi women Mercedes Benz car crashed the other people’s Audi A8, this allows people to think that the dispute can be private, and finally went to the criminal trial court. [introduction] the case in April this year, one night, Tao Lei woman because of emotional and economic disputes, to find a small party to claim int. Int side wife Zhao Ling (three pseudonym) after that, because the words, two people tear up, be preserved and residential security opened. Tao Lei drove his Mercedes to the underground garage, hit Zhao Ling Audi A8, to force party come int. Unexpectedly, after the security informed the party, Zhao Ling followed again. Seeing his car hit, Zhao Ling couldn’t help scolding the other side. Tao Lei listens, more angry. So she drove back and forth and hit Zhao Ling’s Audi A8. Until Zhao Ling’s Audi A8 collided with another Audi parked next to it, Tao stopped. The collision caused Zhao Ling’s left headlights, left fender and bumper damage, and the Audi body parked beside Zhao Ling’s car was also scratched. Residential security rushed to see the police immediately. After the police arrived, Tao Yan sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention punishment. By the price bureau of the city price Certification Center identification, Zhao Ling vehicle loss value is 3.7 yuan. The neighbor’s Audi car was damaged because it was parked next to his car, and spent 1500 yuan on the car repair fee. On suspicion of intentional destruction of property, April 15th, Tao Lei was under criminal detention by the police. In July 18th, the prosecution prosecuted Tao Lei for this accusation. [court statement] Xiangyang Xiangcheng District Court held that Tao intentionally destroyed other people’s property, the amount is large, its behavior constitutes intentional destruction of property crime. Because the case was caused by emotional disputes, Zhao Ling had a certain fault in the intensification of the contradiction. Tao Lei in the police at the scene when others wait, after appearing in court truthfully confession of the facts of the crime, has voluntarily surrendered themselves, and actively compensate the economic losses, with statutory and discretionary lighter punishment. Tao Lei for relatively minor crimes, there is repentance, the social investigation, probation no significant adverse impact on the residential community, in accordance with the law can adapt to probation. The court sentenced him to imprisonment for one year and suspended for one year. Yesterday, the presiding judge of the case told reporters, according to the 275th provisions of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, intentionally destroy public and private property, the amount is large or there are other serious circumstances, sentenced to less than 3 years of imprisonment, criminal detention or fine. Although Zhao Ling and Tao Lei had disputes before the incident, although Zhao Ling had a certain fault, it did not necessarily result in intentional damage to property." The presiding judge said that due to Tao Xiang deliberately hit Zhao Ling’s luxury car, and cause its vehicle losses amounted to more than five thousand yuan, according to the law, should be prosecuted.

襄阳女子因感情纠纷开奔驰多次撞击另一女子奥迪   女子开着奔驰车撞坏了别人的奥迪A8,这一场让众人以为私了即可的纠纷,最后竟上了刑事审判庭。   [案情简介]   今年4月的一天晚上,女子陶蕾因感情及经济纠纷,到某小区找方政军要说法。方政军的妻子赵玲(三人均为化名)发现后,由于言语不合,两人撕扯起来,被方政军和小区保安拉开。   陶蕾开着自己的奔驰车来到小区地下车库,撞向赵玲的奥迪A8,想以此逼方政军过来。没想到,保安通知方政军后,赵玲又跟着过来。看见自己的爱车被撞,赵玲忍不住责骂对方。   陶蕾一听,更生气了。于是,她开着奔驰来回撞击赵玲的奥迪A8。直到赵玲的奥迪A8撞上旁边停放的另外一辆奥迪车,陶蕾才停了下来。连续撞击导致赵玲的车左前灯、左翼子板和保险杠多处损坏,停在赵玲车旁的奥迪车身也被刮伤。   小区保安见状,立即报警。民警赶到后,对陶蕾处以行政拘留10日的处罚。经市物价局价格认证中心鉴定,赵玲的车辆损失价值为3.7万余元。邻居的奥迪车因为停在其车旁受损,花了1500元修车费。   因涉嫌故意毁坏财物罪,4月15日,陶蕾被警方刑事拘留。7月18日,检方以此罪名对陶蕾提起公诉。   [法院说法]   襄阳襄城区法院审理认为,陶蕾故意毁坏他人财物,数额较大,其行为构成故意毁坏财物罪。因本案系感情纠纷引发,赵玲对矛盾的激化有一定过错。   陶蕾在他人报警时现场等候,到案后如实供诉犯罪事实,有自首情节,且积极赔偿经济损失,具有法定及酌定从轻处罚情节。因陶蕾犯罪情节较轻,有悔罪表现,经审前社会调查,宣告缓刑对其所居住的社区没有重大不良影响,依法可适应缓刑。法院遂判处其有期徒刑一年,缓刑一年。   昨日,此案主审法官向记者介绍,根据《中华人民共和国刑法》第275条规定,故意毁坏公私财物,数额较大或者有其他严重情节的,判处3年以下有期徒刑、拘役或者罚金。“赵玲与陶蕾在案发之前虽有争执,赵玲虽有一定过错,但并非必然致使陶蕾实施故意毁坏财物行为。”主审法官表示,由于陶蕾故意撞击赵玲的豪车,并造成其车辆损失达五千元以上,根据法律规定,应予立案追诉。相关的主题文章: