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Many users in the "ghost train" and step: complaint for a full refund – car Sohu recently, many users in the use of yuho software about car travel, encountered a "ghost train", namely after the driver orders did not pick up passengers, but the end of the trip, and direct debit, and afterwards also unable to contact to the driver. In this regard, excellent step official responded that the ghost car is caused by a single brush driver behavior. After the passenger step to the customer service complaints will be verified after a full refund. Event users encounter excellent step ghost car recently, the country more excellent step users reflect, they call the car when the encounter ghost car". Some network about the driver in the car after receiving orders, do not contact the passengers, passengers will not pick up, but quickly began to travel and within one or two minutes on the end of the trip, and the driver’s phone can not get through. Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted recently also encountered a ghost car ms.. According to her memories, at 10:50 on September 4th or so, she and her friends in Beijing, Chaoyang District, near Sanyuanqiao, ready to call the car to the West Fourth ring. "When I called the best step of the express, not a moment, there is a single master, but I look at the phone when it is displayed on the state of the car. I thought it was the master." But a few minutes later, Ms. Zhang found that their orders have ended the trip, and deducted 10 yuan mileage. I was trying to contact the driver, but the phone has not been connected." The passengers within 2 minutes of the end of the trip charge 10 yuan BYD reporter saw Ms. Zhang 10:46 on September 4th initiated order is from the Beijing Chaoyang District International Center Maizidian Nongzhanguan Ruicheng to Fengtai District West Fourth Ring Road south side road Guorun commercial building. But the actual driver is connected with a travel order from Chaoyang District lucky Street No. 37 to settle in Chaoyang District Village Road, only 1.13 kilometers, and the travel time is only 2 minutes. Details of the cost of 1.69 yuan mileage costs, time cost of $0.54, but because the best step has a minimum consumption limit, so the deduction of the fare of $10. BYD reporter found that much of the country have appeared "ghost train" phenomenon, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen people have to reflect their own encounter a "ghost car". The excellent step has reply will be returned to Ms. Zhang did not enjoy the travel expenses in 1-2 working days, and illegal owners conduct records. Excellent step ghost car Department of the driver’s single brush behavior for the ghost car issue, excellent step official responded that the above behavior is caused by the driver brush behavior. Currently being investigated for this matter, it is not possible to determine how many passengers in Beijing in the end there was a ghost car". The specific process of these drivers brush also needs further investigation. Previously, a special brush single driver to the North Green newspaper reporter revealed that brush a hand usually have dozens of phone numbers used to brush single. Want to brush a single driver and brush after a single hand communication, the driver issued a trip, brush single handedly grab single. This one did not actually have, but the actual trip, the driver can earn a partial subsidy, then according to the two people into the fare." )相关的主题文章: