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Insight: Po Chun can activate the small car that has been forgotten in the market? In many brands have almost given up the small car market at present, Bao Chun but within a year for the introduction of the 330 and 310 two new models, including the Baojun 310 is 36 thousand and 800 yuan more price refresh the independent brand in the field of small cars price bottom line. In the past five years has been flagging market segments, because adding Baojun and reproduce the brilliant? Small cars, generally refers to the displacement of 1.0L to 1.3L, the price of 5-8 million in the range of A0 class cars, such models have a compact appearance, low cost, low cost advantage. In fact, domestic consumers for small cars will not feel strange, ten years ago when Chinese has just entered the automobile society, the Xiali, alto (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), sail (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), fit (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), POLO (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) as the representative of the small car because a high price advantage has been widely favored by consumers, and this segment also ushered in the development of the peak, the highest market share was more than 20%. But since 2009, the small car market share began to decline significantly, especially in recent years after the influx of small SUV, the share of small cars is falling into the valley. In the first half of this year the figure has dropped to 12%, less than four years ago, 60%. The small car market lonely, with a higher level of product prices dropping are not unrelated, the Excelle (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Elantra (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Fawkes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) as the representative of the A-class car prices have been as low as 100 thousand yuan, a small car the living space is squeezed completely. When the price is not an advantage, this kind of vehicle in terms of space, power and other disadvantages are infinite (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) amplification, fall position also can hardly be avoided. More importantly, in the China auto market in the background of consumption upgrade, consumers Car Buying budget has increased sharply, coupled with the market for "special favor China", let the small car in a very awkward position, and many of the city’s purchase, but also makes people to cherish the opportunity to Car Buying, higher priced bigger cars gradually become the preferred, and the status of small cars in the minds of consumers have plummeted. From the point of view of car prices, compared to SUV, as well as high-end cars, small cars profit contribution rate is obviously much lower. If you can not do "puerile", car manufacturers are likely to face no small loss. Therefore, to reduce investment in the market segments or even give up the market, is a lot of car prices to make helpless move. However, some people do not believe this evil and choose to continue to adhere to. "The launch of the new fit is not necessarily to make a lot of money, but want to become young people fit the first car, and accord (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Ling faction (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Odyssey (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to cultivate a large user group." In the view of Guangzhou Honda executives, a small car to train a large number of primary users for the brand, so this is still?相关的主题文章: