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3 universities in Hunan are expected to record the original title of the world-class university or university in the world which 3 characteristics: Hunan school is expected to create the first-class university in the world at present, Hunan has 32 subjects from 8 universities to enter the world top 1% ESI these days, College of environmental science and engineering, Hunan University President Ceng Guangming particularly happy — September 23rd, Thomson Reuters released the latest ESI environmental science data, he led the first to enter the global environment and ecology field before ESI 1%, to become the Hunan University eighth 1% subjects entered the ESI. How important is this "ESI 1%"? Look at the "Hunan province comprehensively promote the implementation of first-class universities and first-class discipline construction plan (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") will know, the plan evaluation index ESI subject into the construction of the "dual class" of the university. Case: he had in front of the president, boast of the first half of this year, had bright in front of the president, boast of the sea, confident that we can enter the top 1% this year, I did not expect to achieve after six months. In September 23rd, he had not yet got the light out of the news, it has received a letter of congratulations to the president Duan Xianzhong, his online look to confirm this. The past 10 years, in the field of ecology environment and a total of 303 articles included Zeng Guangming team published ESI papers, cited 3354 times, an average of every lead him up to 11 times times, the average number of far more than the Hunan University. Ceng Guangming team’s main research direction in the prevention and control of pollution, including solid waste treatment and recycling, water pollution control, air pollution control, environmental systems analysis, but also concerned about the problem of wetland restoration. Race: Hunan University ESI ranking how recently held in 2016 the province’s leading cadres in Colleges and universities Summer Seminar, the Provincial Department of Education issued a "draft", Hunan province "double class" university construction will be divided into three steps, the first step is to 2020, will strive for 3 universities in the state University of striving for world class the world university ranks or features. "The draft" attached "shows the first-class disciplines of first-class universities and classification and index connotation", Hunan province intends to "first-class disciplines and universities" is divided into 6 categories, namely, the world first-class university in the world, the domestic first-class university, university characteristics, characteristics of domestic university domestic first-class domestic first-class vocational college, application. "World class university" requires the world’s top 1% ESI disciplines account for more than 12 of the number of disciplines, "the world’s universities" requires the world’s top ESI accounted for more than 13 of the number of subjects. The provincial education department director Xiao Guoan in 2016 the province’s leading cadres in Colleges and universities Summer Seminar said that by 2020, Hunan will strive to make about 40 subjects into the top 1% for ESI, 3 universities in the State University creates the world first-class university in the world ranks or features. According to the latest data from Thomson Reuters released in September 23rd, included in the Hunan provincial universities, colleges and universities in Hunan Province, into the world’s top 1% ESI, a total of 32. Among them, the total number of Central South University reached 11, Hunan University, National University of Defense Technology,, 4, Xiangtan University, 3相关的主题文章: