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The money market in October 10th set currency view media sources: Chinese coin collection online Sun Zhongshan gold coins and commemorative coins will issue no gold futures net disk information: International Spot gold on Monday (October 10th) the beginning of the Asian market once rose to expand, and refresh $1264.31 an ounce on high, and expand the spot silver also rose more than 1%, the highest it hit $17.78 per ounce. On Friday (October 7th) despite the September U.S. payrolls data was weaker than expected, and the unemployment rate rose slightly, but is not expected to prevent the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at the end of this year the price of gold on the New York process, period of turmoil for $20, 4 months was $1265 to $1241.60 in new low diving, eventually closed slightly higher at 1257 dollars. Now the market is focusing on the United States presidential election in the second round of debate, the recent Republican candidate Trump scandal led to declining support rate. On the other hand, on Monday, the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries will be closed for holidays. 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan gold and silver coins and commemorative coins will be issued in 12, the total of 3 sets of commemorative coins, including gold coins of 1 pieces, 1 pieces of silver commemorative coins, commemorative coins, 1 gold copper alloy, are legal tender in People’s Republic of China. Among them, 10 thousand sets of gold and silver coins; single silver coins of the 10 thousand; circulation commemorative coins of 300 million, face value of $5. At present, the network has not yet opened futures. The long march 80 anniversary commemorative coins price continued to fall today, gold and silver price in the range of 5400-5600, single silver in the vicinity of 970, turnover of weakness. The total gold chicken he Suiyin price stability, today offer 50 grams still at 335 yuan, 100 in the vicinity of 670, 200 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams of quotation is respectively 1340, 3350 and 6700 near. G20 summit gold and silver commemorative coins market has warmed up, today, the price of 5650 yuan in the vicinity of the network, the price of a single set of silver coins reported near 1080-1000 yuan. Tang Xianzu gold and silver coins today reported near 3700-3800, a single silver continued near 680, go steady consumption. Shenyang 120 anniversary of the addition of gold and silver coins quoted in the stable 3550-3650 range, a small silver in the vicinity of a small amount of consumption in the vicinity of 520. New aspects of the overall buying transaction is still relatively sparse, Dazu rock carvings in the vicinity of 4200 gold and silver today offer to offer a slight change, single silver turnover of around 580 kg of silver, slightly wandering in the 12900-13500 interval, 150 grams of gold slightly in about 125000. 2016 auspicious series of cultural heritage is still in the stable state. The 70 anniversary of ordinary commemorative coins card book recently market price is basically no change, still in the vicinity of 15 yuan, China space ordinary commemorative coins 141 yuan book, 2016 new year ordinary commemorative coins card book the whole newspaper near 25 yuan. Panda coins prices fluctuate slightly with the international price of gold. 16 sets of pension cats today in the 16100 range, a small amount of silver in the vicinity of the grams of silver traded in the vicinity of 147-148, 30 grams, 15 grams, the price of 8 grams of gold cat.相关的主题文章: