Harbin seven year old boy playing glass ball swallowing difficulty breathing life is on the line.-木村kaela

Harbin seven year old boy playing glass ball swallowing difficulty breathing life on the line to Washington (reporter Cui Mingming Xu Jinsong Li Hong) the afternoon of October 30th, take a glass ball Harbin is a 7 year old boy playing, difficulty breathing life on the line, the relay rescue paramedics finally save lives. At 14:20 on the same day, the provincial hospital emergency department suddenly broke into a man and a woman, holding a boy, the woman crying while crying for help. The doctor on duty quickly admissions, at this time the boy lips cyanosis, respiratory difficulties, extreme restlessness, both sides of the mouth and fresh blood examination showed increasing heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation has dropped to 60%, the child has been in a serious state of hypoxia. The boy is 7 years old, in the afternoon, a person in the room to play the glass ball. He ran to his mother, his face red with his mouth, his face very painful. The mother quickly ran out of the house with her child, stopped a taxi and sent him to the provincial hospital emergency department. Because the child’s condition has not allowed to go to hospital for treatment after the accident, the doctor decided to save on the spot, and invited the Department of ENT, anesthesia physician consultation. The doctor on duty quickly carry on first aid to the boy, at the Department of Anesthesiology and the Department of ENT ward and outpatient doctor respectively with value class rescue equipment rushed to the emergency department. "I first try to use a direct laryngoscope, if not successfully removed, ready to open the trachea." The doctor began to operate on the doctor’s orders. Save all goes well, the glass ball with a diameter of 2 cm was removed from the throat at the glottis, the throat is open, breathing instantly unobstructed, children face ruddy gradually. Doctors said that if 5 minutes later, the boy will be due to suffocation and accidents.相关的主题文章: