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Still seeking a 170000? Fund is only from 8 potential stock withdrawal placards – fund channel at the end of 2015, when A was Vanke placards, Vanke A the actual controller for station so that the capital market have responded. The same as the dispersed ownership of leading shares, Yili Group was caught an emergency to amend the articles of association, has been described as the "scare". Times have changed, Yili (600887) September 18th announcement, September 14th Sunshine Insurance Holdings of shares 5 million 667 thousand and 900 shares, accounting for 0.09% of the total share capital, the average price of 16.10 yuan holdings. Sunshine and the sunshine of life insurance companies together hold 303 million shares, representing 5% of total share capital. Sunshine and the sunshine of life insurance held by the Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited for the same and consistent action, sunshine insurance triggered Yili placards. So, what kind of attitude to potential fund companies have placards shares? According to flush (300033) asked financial data, a total of 153 listed companies at present, no actual control, "Securities Daily" reporters fund of the department according to flush data found that 93 of them are listed company stocks for the fourth quarter of 2015, the fund’s top ten awkwardness, 96 listed companies which stocks for the two quarter of 2016 ten fund holdings shares, 8 listed companies, has no trace of fund. The 8 as of September 23rd, the actual controller data for empty listed companies Yongda group (002622), the Milky Way magnet (300127), terca (002213), deep earth A, crystal Fang Technology (603005), Hualian Holdings (000036), Junior Water (600187), (002601) billions. Some analysts believe that many of the company’s founder in the company’s growth process, due to various factors have diluted their equity, resulting in management’s shareholding ratio decreases, which leads to the dispersed ownership. This also led to some of the larger, perfect governance structure of listed companies no actual controller. It is worth noting that, on the other hand, a total of 10 listed companies, the actual controller in the presence of the fund figure. 10 companies are Shilong Industrial (002748), victory shares (000407), GSST (600183), design (603018), shares Ningbo construction (601789), Leshan power (600644), Netac (300042), Guibao science and Technology (300019), (002797), the first venture *ST the bridge (000606). Brokerage analysts have pointed out that due to the dispersed ownership structure leads to no actual control of the situation is more common in mature markets, such as IBM, Coca-Cola and other companies, ownership structure is very fragmented, but the standardized corporate governance structure, still have a high investment value. (source: Securities Daily)相关的主题文章: