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Bo ace set to open debt Anfeng 18 (LOF) in September 26th to open the application Foreclosure – Sohu financial data source: since boshijijin operation of the first rate of return of 18.88% second 20.63% days before the operation period boshijijin announced that its flagship debt based "Bo onfine 18 months regularly open bond (LOF) (code 160515)" (hereinafter referred to as "Bo onfine 18") from September 26th to October 28th will open foreclosure. The Milky Way data show, "Bo onfine 18" since its establishment in August 2013, the cumulative net profit rate is 43.40%, the annual yield of 12.48%, ranked first in the past two years yields similar products in the Milky Way. The fund to "closed operation investment + regular open, every 18 months after the closure of open Shen redemption, its first operation cycle (2013.8.22-2015.2.21) rate of return is 18.88%, the operation of the second cycle (2015.2.22-2016.9.14) is as high as 20.63%. (data sources: the galaxy, as of September 14, 2016), compared to ordinary bond funds, the regular open debt base has many advantages. From the robustness considerations, fixed debt is a pure debt investment, not to invest in the stock market, is a low risk appetite, a good choice for prudent investors. Considering the profitability, investment can reduce the liquidity impact of closed frequent purchase and redemption of the scale is more stable; the longer the closed period can bring a combination of more, duration, improve product yield; timing is beneficial to grasp the selected configuration gradually is safe and high-yield Quanzhong; in the strict control of the premise the investment risk, can be obtained through repo leverage magnify gains. The fund’s 18 month closure period can cover the full fiscal year, compared with the market year closed products have better performance, compared to the closed period of two years and above products, its flexibility is more excellent. In addition, Bo onfine is an LOF fund can be traded on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Although investors can not be closed during the purchase or redemption, but through the two market transactions, trading more convenient and quick. LOF fund T+1 transactions can be achieved, high turnover of funds. Since the establishment of the fund by the star fund manager Wei Zhen featuring management. When the fixed income is currently one of the largest buyers of bonds investment team, won the 2015 Annual Taurus fund fixed income investment". The Milky Way data show that as of September 2nd, Bo’s set up for more than a year of the 6 set to open bond funds nearly a year average revenue rate of 9.45%, much higher than the market in the same period of bond funds and closed-end bond fund average return rate. For the current market situation, Wei Zhen said, look to the future, the fundamentals for the bond market still friendly, bond yields downward trend is still able to continue, but also to maintain focus on the factors restricting the bond yields. An abundance of bond funds to open the subscription has not yet returned to the market and the pursuit of a steady return of investors to provide a good investment point. Xin Wen Bo onfine 18 fund net growth rate and compared with the performance benchmark yield comparison chart (source:)相关的主题文章: