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Shenzhen for two consecutive weeks without real estate market market strong bearish sentiment in Shenzhen last week is still zero projects into the market just need regional price down narrowing of the Securities Times reporter Zhang Guofeng last week, the Shenzhen property market is still a continuation of the introduction of the new deal after the cold, the Securities Times reporter from the Shenzhen Central Plains Research Center was informed that as of October 23, only Qianhai financial center, a project of excellence a total of 401 sets of pre-sale, Residence Du Commerce approved. This is the first since October to obtain pre-sale permit projects. Only a sea Hill project opened, pushing the sale of 548 residential units, only chengyuhong flower healthy and constant to Yue Lake 2 projects respectively push, push the sale of 480 sets and 60 sets of housing supply significantly lower than the previous. And most of the first volume of visitors is still low and there is a trend of decline, the actual volume of new homes is still difficult. Last week, 0 projects are still in the market, has been the case for the past two weeks. From the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for Discipline and regulation of the secondary transaction record data point of view, last week, the secondary volume remained high level since September, but affected by the policy, the actual volume continued to decrease. According to the Shenzhen central monitoring research center, affected by the policy adjustment, managers and owners on the market outlook bearish sentiment continued to increase, Shenzhen Zhongyuan index and price index is still the manager below the line ups and downs, and the annual index reached the lowest level manager. And last week, second-hand market visitors and the volume of orders in the policy continued to decline, and the volume of orders decreased faster than supply and demand fell significantly this week, down 2 percentage points to the 11% level. Adjustment of the regional characteristics of the offer is obvious, just need to focus on the scope of the region down the price range, while the concentration of investment in the area of a larger range of price cuts. October policy regulation, the market cooling rapidly, a second-hand transaction activity gradually declined. New houses, second-hand housing to reduce the amount of visitors was increasing, the bearish market sentiment. From the owners or the situation, the seven district is still in the price down, but relatively speaking, Yantian, Baoan, Longgang and other owners just need regional price cuts narrowed, and Futian, Nanshan, Luohu prices down significantly. According to the Shenzhen Central Plains research center data show that from the price interval sample listings proportion changes, 78% of the owners offer last week down last week, slightly improved, but the overall market bearish sentiment is still strong. According to the Central Plains Research Center, Shenzhen, last week, the overall contraction of the overall price adjustment, price adjustment in a small range. Specifically, the price rises in -5%~-1% sample houses accounted for an increase of 2.4 percentage points, price rises in the 1%~5% interval of housing accounted for 0.6% increase in price rises in the 5%~10% sample houses accounted for more than a slight increase of 1.1%. In the current policy continues to play a role in the market, the amount of owner has lasted for three weeks to reduce, and the price adjustment is also closely with the market changes. From the price adjustment of the regional point of view, last week the 7 boroughs of Shenzhen second-hand housing owners asking price continues to decline, the maximum level, Nanshan and Yantian dropped to 3 points over the second, Luohu, Longhua owners price cut has reached 2.6% degree and 2.3% respectively. Overall, Luohu, Futian, Nanshan and Longhua owners offer still down.相关的主题文章: