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A share in the fierce Wenzhou Gang: favorite short shipment limit Zhuang called "decapitation guillotine Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament hot money chasing the high one day loss of 11% shares in A who has been making the decapitation guillotine"! "The recent Wenzhou Gang is really cruel, a lot of them have done after the short stock of the village have been miserable." Some investors said on the Internet forum. Reporters noted that the recent market a capital, the so-called "Wenzhou Gang", a group of Zhejiang Wenzhou business department, specializes in super short, often for several days in zapan stock trading profits, and many times to the guillotine guillotine type limit zapan, causing the market hot. Insiders said that investors in the face of this situation, we must pay close attention to the stock soared billboard, if Wenzhou is to help haunt, caution. A hot day Xuguang shares lost 11% "depressed. Today (August 29th) Xuguang shares, at 1:24 in the afternoon, I saw this stock chart drawing soon, according to my leading shares tactics, chase in, who knows one day fell late, I set up 11 points. Wenzhou is estimated to engage in." After the closing, a hot money exchanges with reporters revealed. Xuguang shares August 29th billboard indeed, Xuguang shares late billboard data appeared in the "Wenzhou Gang" figure. Reporters learned that the so-called "Wenzhou Gang", because several Jiangsu and Zhejiang seats together, common stock speculation and the name, they often yanked bash a stock, the operation style is very tough. Some time ago the Tongli cement by their continuous pull 3 limit, then hit a 2 limit, let the market completely to see its aggressive. According to statistics, the "Wenzhou Gang" is generally the most common seats in several business department, CITIC Securities Wenzhou Hangzhou Road business department and four Hualin securities Shaoxing gold business department of Keqiao etc.. The reporter also noted that, in today’s billboard, "Wenzhou Gang" is still active. Today, billboard data shows that high tech Petrochemical is "typical case for Wenzhou one day tour column. We come in August 29th August 26th tech Petrochemical billboard billboard charts show high tech Petrochemical two days, Founder Securities Wenzhou road and Hangzhou Road, four small CITIC buying on Friday, 30 million 170 thousand and 19 million 20 thousand respectively. Today, a day trip, hi tech Petrochemical Today fell 7.32%. In the electric motor and the Eastern Star billboard, also appeared in the "Wenzhou Gang" figure. Today we Oriental Star Electric billboard charts in France today motor ("Wenzhou Gang": buy, buy four) kept by a careful study of some recent data very large amplitude of the stock, the reporter learned that, behind many of these stocks have the "Wenzhou Gang" in operation. The most typical such as some time ago, Tongli cement, cement, real estate and the recent dry landscape garden, Xiangtan, China railway technology backbone, audio-visual technology, Silver billion shares, Amway shares. Reporters learned that the "Wenzhou Gang" to do the stock, on相关的主题文章: