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If the 2020 first-tier cities prices really to 200 thousand – the Sohu financing from WeChat public number: Kevin investment teahouse (ID:kevin_tzcg) author: Kevin 1 this year, the phenomenon is the most expensive land first-tier cities Shenzhen, Shanghai such as one falls, another rises, so many new plots floor price has exceeded 80 thousand. And on Thursday, the letter to the financial group to 11 billion 10 million yuan astronomical shot of the new Jingan District land, but also hit a record of China’s most expensive unit king. Light floor price reached 143 thousand yuan, according to the current operating costs of housing prices, to profitability, the terminal price should be at least more than 200 thousand. In the future, the average price of the first tier cities will not really have reached the level of 200 thousand, to be honest, I do not have any psychological bottom. However, today it open the brain hole, the average price in 2020 that first-tier cities really to 200 thousand yuan, then our life will be what? And how to deal with it? 2 first talk about rent. When the price to 200 thousand, there is no doubt that the rent will certainly rise, according to the current annual yield of around 2% per square meter, so annual rental yield in about 4000 yuan, that is to say even if only rent a 40 square house, the annual rent is probably around 160 thousand, the monthly total 10 thousand and 3. Of course, taking into account the income of tenants themselves increase, the annual yield of 2% may not be able to achieve, but even in order to calculate the 1-1.5% annual yield of about 10-12 million, the annual expenditure of basic did not run. To be honest, even in Shanghai, the annual income after taxes to reach 100 thousand or more, it is not an easy thing, not to mention the need for other consumption. For businesses, even more so, because the profit of commercial real estate itself, the rent for the impact is bigger, the income generated per unit area will become the core index of the survival of the enterprise, if the income growth run to win the rent increase is very unfavorable to the enterprise operation. So from this perspective, the future in the first and second industrial enterprises days certainly not particularly good, after all these business problems in large area, capital intensive, low margin and insufficient effective demand. In contrast, the third industry, especially the Internet and the financial focus of the companies in the virtual economy, its advantage in the future will emerge, the reason is very simple, the business for the possession of land demand is not large, and have high margin, marginal effect substantial characteristics. In the context of high prices, may only they can continue to survive. 3 talk about prices. To be honest, I think even when prices rose to 20 in case of flat, prices may not be particularly significant growth, there should be a clear departure between the two. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, there will be a significant substitution between rent expenditure and consumer spending, after all, when a person’s rent spending more and more, he can"相关的主题文章: