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Interview | NVIDIA CEO Jen-hsun Huang about the risk of artificial intelligence and Intel competition – Sohu technology selected from VentureBeat Author: DEAN TAKAHASHI machine of the heart: Li Zenan, Cao Rui, compiled in Nvidia Jiang Siyuan CEO Jen-hsun Huang in a recent interview that, his leadership of the company is to become an artificial intelligence platform manufacturers from chip makers change. Nvidia in the future will continue to develop its leading desktop and laptop computer graphics chips, to support a variety of virtual reality equipment, on the other hand, the company will focus on promoting the research of hardware equipment deep learning neural network, artificial intelligence systems, unmanned vehicles and other new equipment (such as the Nintendo Switch game machine) support. After Nvidia released an exciting third quarter earnings on Thursday, VentureBeat found Jen-hsun Huang, and he had a brief interview. The interview topic unrelated to the company’s financial situation, on the contrary, I put forward five questions: about artificial intelligence, science fiction and the real danger of technology boundaries, the role of Nvidia in Nintendo Switch, to compete with Intel, and finally Donald · Trump. VentureBeat (hereinafter referred to as VB): I just had to Softbank CEO Sun Zhengyi interview, he said he will give Singularity (artificial intelligence beyond the human collective wisdom of the time point) investment. Sun Zhengyi seems to think that the singularity will come soon. What do you think? Artificial intelligence we are hoping for better use in driverless cars, but we do not want to create Skynet, isn’t it? Jen-hsun Huang: I believe there will be a lot of artificial intelligence in the future world, rather than an artificial intelligence, each of us will have their own artificial intelligence. We use a specific artificial intelligence system in many fields. In many medical fields, many manufacturing fields will have a lot of different artificial intelligence has become a part of many different business, we have the marketing of artificial intelligence, supply chain, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence prediction, artificial intelligence of human resources. In the future we will have a large number of different types of artificial intelligence, they will soon be added to the current software. Artificial intelligence can be extended to the real world by robots, drones and other intelligent machines, they can think for themselves. The future of artificial intelligence will make the machine more secure, more easy to use, and penetrate into all aspects of life and work. In the next 10 years, we will see all these things. The development of artificial intelligence will be faster than Bimore’s law. I believe this will be a phenomenon beyond Moore’s law, because it will benefit from continuous learning, it has the characteristics of large-scale network of continuous learning. Today, we do manual programming: the introduction of a software, repair errors, upgrade once a year. It will not be long before the rhythm is broken, and the artificial intelligence system can quickly gain experience from practice. Once the software is intelligent in the Department of n相关的主题文章: