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This guy is not necessarily better than the car costs of oil testing Lexus RX450h- Sohu Sohu E electric car / car park] if a length of nearly 5 meters, curb weight of more than 2 tons of big guy in front of you, you will have to worry about how to drive carefully in the city, more worried about is " this guy to how much oil? ". However, if I say " this big guy is not necessarily true of our daily consumption than driving car costs of oil " when you feel surprised? It doesn’t get excited over a little thing if I say this is that a Lexus, so I believe many people will feel relieved. After all, TOYOTA and Lexus’s hybrid technology, today has no need to go too much and reiterated that we want to say today is hybrid cars — the Lexus RX450h from the Lexus RX cars in the. The driving feeling that not long ago, we have just tested the Lexus GS50h, and today in front of the Lexus RX450h instead of using the same powertrain. But, because of the difference between the driving form, this code named Atkinson cycle engine 2GR-FXE RX450h on the front horizontal layout, and in the adjustment, the maximum power of 193kW, maximum torque of 335Nm, amount of data compared to the GS450h all fell. In addition, as SUV of Lexus RX450h with a two motor engine + before and after, which formed its unique real-time system, unique is that it is not equipped with the traditional front wheel drive shaft, power from the engine and the motor, while the rear power is to rely on a motor. For driving, obviously, we can in this Lexus RX found the Lexus family ride quality as in the past, due to the TOYOTA hybrid technology after rearing in the market for many years, now the face of a hybrid vehicle, we have no need to go so curious about every kind of driving mode of it, all the operation you can think of as natural gasoline. For example, after the ignition in the case of sufficient power is entirely dependent on the operation of the motor, which created a quiet idle and low speed starting process, for this point, is not all good, no engine jitter and noise will bring a comfortable driving environment for you, of course, for this the car of the people know the truth, no voice recognition, it may make it difficult for them to pay attention to your existence. For this problem, rival Honda hybrid version of the body gives a solution in the new accord, which is at low speeds in the car adds a low-frequency buzzer to make some tips for car pedestrian. I think this should be the future of all hybrid models need to spread a simple configuration. In the daily running of the most of the Nomal model is a typical Lexus character, comfortable orientation is more obvious, the accelerator pedal early some heavy, but does not affect the dynamic.相关的主题文章: