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"Fast boat", "star arrow" integration of Beijing – launch plan by the end of November 2 Zhuhai Xinhua Xinhua (reporter Chen Fang, Hu?) in the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, Chinese CASIC airshow spokesman Lv Xiaoge told reporters: "fast boat one universal solid launch the rocket launch in December 2016 to choose, and is equipped with two cubic star," star arrow, arrow Samsung launch integration ", which means that China’s commercial rocket launching areas will usher in a new breakthrough. "Fast boat" solid rocket is one of our country’s first "star arrow integration" design of small solid launch vehicle, with rapid integration, fast track and other characteristics. Mainly used in natural disaster emergency communication system and fault, realize the satellite launch and space rapid deployment, timely access to disaster information, to minimize losses caused by disasters and disaster relief organization. According to the aerospace science and industry in four of the person in charge, the mission to follow the market behavior, the commercial launch contract form, by users and service providers to launch state control and implementation of the organization, has the characteristics of a new organizational model, short preparation time etc.. On the basis of the original improved fast boat one universal rocket is a low cost and high reliability of the solid rocket, mainly to provide launch services for 300KG and the following satellite launch, has low cost, reliable and high precision orbit flight, short preparation cycle and security conditions etc.. Lv Xiaoge said: "the fast boat one general solid rocket using a" level of assembly, test, horizontal transportation "and" three test mode ", effectively improve the operational convenience; by the mobile launch vehicle emission in the implementation of the ordinary hard ground, do not need to launch tower complex, simplified emission protection facilities can meet the demand of rapid launch and deployment of multi satellite users.相关的主题文章: