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Chinese "eye" cited attention: astronomers worldwide should thank China – Sohu news has a super "eye" 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope called the 25 in Guizhou Province, Karst Pingtang County depressions in completion, began to receive electromagnetic waves from the depths of the universe, which indicates that China has achieved a significant the original breakthrough at the forefront of science. This is the FAST project among the mountains. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ou Dongqu photo) the vast sky, the vast sky, since the sustenance of human science dream. Chinese "eye" 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope project by Chinese astronomers in 1994 put forward the idea, from the pre built lasted 22 years, with independent intellectual property rights in China, the world’s largest and most sensitive single aperture radio telescope. "Eye" project chief engineer and chief scientist Nan Rendong, with the help of the huge eye in the sky, researchers can interact on interstellar communication between the observation of dark matter, the determination of black hole mass, even search for possible alien civilizations. Many unique skills to become the world leader in the radio telescope, which will also provide an important opportunity for the new world of astronomy. (exploration and asked to give me a pair of "eye" — the "super eye". In September 25th, 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope has a "super eye" (FAST) opened in Guizhou Karst Pingtang depressions, attracting the attention of the world. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xu photo) as a major national science and technology infrastructure, "eye" project by the active reflector system, feed support system, measurement and control system, and receiver terminal and observation base several parts. The active reflector is composed of spherical cable membrane structure on million cable and 4450 reflection unit, its shape like a huge pot, receiving area equivalent to 30 standard football field. "The use of natural depressions in Karst as the site pit laying in thousands of pieces of unit coronary refelector by light, cable dragging mechanism and parallel robot to achieve high-precision positioning receiver, this is the three innovation Chinese" eye in the sky "." Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Observatory, Yan Jun said. (FAST corner of Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang photo) Nobel laureate Joseph? Taylor and the world’s top astronomers and many astronomers are also gathered together to witness the Pingtang, China opened a tour of "eye". "This is the world’s leading telescope, which is expected to lead to more important scientific discoveries." He said with excitement. Compared with the Bonn 100 meter telescope, "eye" sensitivity is increased by about 10 times compared with the United States; the Arecibo 350 meter telescope, "the comprehensive performance of eye" has also increased about 10 times. "Eye" can receive the electromagnetic signal of 13 billion 700 million light-years, the observation range up to the edge of the universe. (FAST cabin Xinhua News Agency reporter Ou Dongqu photo) from 25 onwards, "eye" within a radius of 5 kilometers will become the "silent zone". This huge monster began to open "eye", attention to capture signals from deep space of the universe. It is reported相关的主题文章: