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The girl students admission notice is mother torn bicker because bad mood – Sohu news Henan Hebi college entrance examination students encounter strange thing, she went to school to turn the group relations, accidentally with notice of the files left in the electric bicycle basket, then find out was gone after check found surveillance video: the school’s mother will turn over in the portfolio picked up after the removal notice after the pieces thrown in the grass…… In August 29th, torn parents notice show in understanding: can’t tear indignation after notice of parents of children say the name. The event of missing "admission to the University School soon, who picked up this important data will be returned, it was really bad." Torn notice students Wenwen (a pseudonym) mother said, 8:43 on August 22nd, riding a tram to the Wenwen school building to turn the group relationship, put in the basket in the notice, loan certificate and residence booklet in a bag, but the car turned over all fell on the ground. The find did not find a day, 23 days to monitor the transfer of the school of communication." Wenwen mother said, see 8:48 on the monitor, is a female parents pick up, then the parents go around the back of the school and the parents follow the footprints, find the admission notice cover and booklet the information in one place in the grass. "It is not understood at the time, why pick up things to tear up? During the school also met the parents 2 times, asked her to have picked up such notice did not say no, she." Wenwen mother is very angry and confused. Wenwen mother is just doing the logistics in the school with the school and the cleaning, finishing well, let them help you look for it, and found the information booklet in another place flowers. But the most important admission notice is unknown. Tear up the notice parties son Lei Lei (a pseudonym) and Wenwen is a schoolmate, this year admitted to the university. To explore whether the morning of August 24th, Wen heard picked up classmate Lei Lei, told the importance of notice, request as soon as possible to find the return. At 1 o’clock in the scorching sun, the student’s mother suddenly rushed to the school, was preparing to leave when the cleaning staff was caught and Wenwen mother from her waist, found torn the admission notice and loan certificate. Only when angry quarrel tore up the investigation then reporters rushed to the Wenwen classmate Lei Lei to understand the situation at home, mother Lei Lei frankly admitted everything, is really picked up, torn, but then I really do not know what it is. According to the woman about the day, the weather was very hot, and children working in the field, for the children to go to school for her mission, but can not find the name of the child, a little impatient, with a pick up information when the fan, to the children call dad had words. In the morning to eat some medicine, confused, an angry will pick up the material torn, throw in the flowers. "I don’t read, is a village woman, just remember it’s a red skin, pink paper when Wenwen to find just think it is not a day to tear things, people is very important. Know I do wrong, quickly went heart really feel awkward, don’t give children what cause "相关的主题文章: