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Fire cat exclusive live America Armageddon abyss League live exclusively by the fire triggered at any moment the cat DOTA2 abyss League, 2 qualifiers are Americas and the European region has not yet been performed, while other areas of the game has decided the abyss promotion League finals qualification. [to overlord VP CIS District, a road rolling cut] in qualifying, VP to show their dominance in the CIS area, with 7 wins and 0 losses record winning promotion. Although the TI6 because of poor performance before and after the team almost disbanded, but after the big shake after the VP seemed to find the feeling, the way successfully qualify for the race to stride forward singing militant songs. [secret promotion, Puppey is in urgent need of the title to prove himself] in the 1 qualifying of the euro zone, the secret in the final 3:1 beat FlipSid3. The storm had just experienced the long Puppey, the qualification is particularly important. If you can win the abyss League Championship, it is bound to reduce some of the negative impact on Puppey. But today ForeV leave, do not know whether to join the new KheZu and the other four rapid chemical reaction? [NB B beat IG, God and the international competition again] in the abyss of League China qualifying, IG state is very brave, B God’s performance is remarkable, that the whole team is very eager for success. However, with a new twin NewBee helpless strength better, and resilient, even in the face of VG solution Magina fertilizer, or pre IG big kill Quartet, complete as killing pat bear, NewBee in their operations and the battle group details resolved after the turn the tide. The last is 2:0 in the final rolling again IG, was played in Croatia stadium spa lardy Ulm qualifications, and our B God, once again with the international competition stage pass, love God B. The biggest dark horse? The new team three ice blaze southeast pond] has been considered the Southeast Division Division is the most serious polarization, while the three ice free surface Legion Faceless in the beginning is not all good. But they are in the qualifiers over Southeast Asia overlord MVP, will qualify in their own hands, so many people began to face the upstart. [qualifying war is still spreading, the whole fire cat only broadcast November 8th] 4 a.m., the finals will be launched in the Americas region between EG and NP, is one of the top teams ranked second in the world, the other is the recent eye-catching performance, the new team China people’s good friend EESAMA led the two sides will bring a great BO5 battle for everyone! And the fire cat will be the whole live broadcast of this wonderful u.s.. Live: 8438 deep League S5 finals will be held January 19, 2017 -22 in Croatia, the country’s second largest city: split city held, we could see that Croatia attaches great importance to this historic event in eastern europe. In the depths of League finals, from South Korea’s MVP 3:0 EG suspended the team invincible. So this time, WIGNS can.相关的主题文章: