Chris · Brown suspected of armed with threats to women who had beaten Rihanna (video)

Chris · Brown alleged armed threat to women who had beaten Rihanna Chrisbrown of Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown "Right By My" Side "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on August 30th (author: the Associated Press) police Tuesday arrested pop king Chris & middot; Brown (Chris Brown), a woman in the Brown house in Losangeles outside the police for help, said she was the other side of the deadly threat of firearms. Before the arrest of Chris ·, Brown, the police confrontation with him for more than an hour, in the application for a search warrant, the police also conducted a long search for his house. B.Free · (Baylee Curran); Curran told the "Losangeles times", in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Chris · Brown with a gun pointed at her face, ‘said, when she praised a men’s jewelry necklace in the home of Brown, the Brown and the man to her very angry. Curran said she and her friends escaped Brown’s home, a friend who was chased out, the later they hide in the Brown neighborhood SUV to avoid each other. For the The Associated Press’s request for an interview, Curran temporarily also did not respond. Earlier, Chris · Brown declared himself innocent through social media. "I don’t care if I’m a demon, if I’m going crazy, you can’t play with me," he said." A video released Tuesday on Instagram, Brown waved a cigarette and said: "if you have a warrant (police), you can directly enter here, then you will see here what are not, you idiots." The police at about 3 p.m. Brown arrived outside the house, police lieutenant colonel Chris · Ramirez said they did not determine the alarm of women really need what kind of help is not sure whether the woman was injured. In the application to the police warrant before, Brown’s agent Mark · Guerra Goss (Mark Geragos) has quickly arrived at the scene, the The Associated Press’s request for an interview, said the broker "No comment". Chris has been in trouble since 2009 when he was convicted of felony assault on his former girlfriend (Rihanna) in the year of, in which Mr. ·. In 2013, he was in Washington outside a hotel beating a man, he was charged with assault, after being forced into rehab after treatment, Brown was in violation of regulations out of rehab, he was detained for two months. In addition, Chris ·, who has also been accused of throwing bricks at his mother’s car, had just completed a court of law for the administration of anger management therapy (). (Translation: Dudu) Tencent news client page music card on-line friends!!! Hand to teach you to add:相关的主题文章: