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What is Dong Mingzhu’s qualification for GREE’s shareholders? Original title: Dong Mingzhu what are the qualifications for GREE’s shareholders? | glacier commentary authors: Wei Yingjie source: public number "glacier think tank" GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu says. This is the extraordinary general meeting held on October 28th. In the outflow of the video, Dong Mingzhu hand against shareholders denounced: "if you look at the listed companies which have such dividends for you? I don’t give you a bonus for 5 years, what can you do with me? To you (dividends) are more satisfied, more much more……" These words do the appropriate cut, because some words with language, of course a personal style, this is Dong Mingzhu, she never hide. Dong Mingzhu broke out on the spot, certainly not because she comes into play "no applause", but she is from the details of sniff out a strange atmosphere. The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders has a number of important votes, including the issue of shares to acquire 100% stake in New Energy Company Zhuhai silver and raise matching funds of the motion (that is, an additional $10 billion). Previously, the acquisition is raised, the capital market was a lot of questions: some people think that GREE spent 13 billion yuan to buy long silver price is too high; there is also concern that GREE’s move is cross-border "war" (the production of new energy vehicles), who still questions the uncertain prospects; silver long technology and its profitability. Of course Dong Mingzhu knew these different voices. But from the perspective of the scene to speak like this, she simply attributed to the shareholders for instant success, just want to share prices without considering the long-term development of the company. She bluntly: "your investment GREE, don’t talk to me what the price. You should talk about this enterprise can not develop 100 years." There is some truth in this. In the long run, the company’s share price must have performance support, otherwise investors can not get long-term returns. In the current domestic capital market, there are many investors holding the stock price does not look at the performance of short-term thinking. But from the fundamental relationship between listed companies and investors in terms of, but these words Dong Mingzhu is wrong too outrageous. The capital market, investors with long-term investment, there are short-term investment even ultra short term, but as long as they meet the market norms, bear the investment risk of listed companies, what is the need for investors to make irresponsible remarks, and what lessons qualified investors? Whether the company’s share price reflects the fundamentals, the company can not sit down and shareholders to talk about the stock price? In the words of the recent "Lu Yu about" program, Dong Mingzhu also proudly said to Lu Yu, she had 10 thousand dollars of GREE stock, has now risen to 18 million 600 thousand yuan. A company should focus on improving performance, to seek long-term development of the company, but this does not mean that you can ignore the interests of investors. Otherwise, Dong Mingzhu also do not have to emphasize how much dividends GREE. Then, of course, investors have reason to worry about the investment operation of listed companies will not damage their own interests. Moreover, the acquisition of GREE shares by the Zhuhai silver dragon, there are many questionable places. For example, with such a large sum of money to buy a non mainstream lithium titanate battery technology (poor endurance) of Wei相关的主题文章: